101 By My Blood

    "Do not be afraid, I will be good to you."

    When Feng Jiu heard those words coming out from the grey robed old man's mouth, she felt an immense chill shoot through her entire being, and goosebumps jumped all over her, the corners of her mouth suddenly developing an uncontrollable twitch.

    Especially when that old man was even looking at her with a strangely excited glint in his gaze. The kind of disgust she felt, was just indescribable.

    She gazed depreciating at him and rubbed her arms over the goosebumps that had appeared saying: "Old thing, shouldn't you hold up a mirror and look at that old man that looks exactly like a dried up orange before you speak? You are already a person who has one foot inside the coffin and you can still be so utterly shameless."

    The sarcastic words filled with such disdain caused the grey robed old man's gaze to darken and even the smile on his face faded, whereby his body then turned to give out a malicious aura as he stared at Feng Jiu.

    "The fact that this esteemed self is even willing to accept you as my cultivation respiratory is already thinking highly of you!"

    "Cultivation respiratory?"

    Feng Jiu screeched in mock horror and threw a measuring glance from the top of the old man's head to his toes with contempt in her eyes and said insultingly: "It wasn't immediately visible to me that such an old thing can still a such a lecher? But, you are already so old and aged, that thing down there is still working?"

    "What audacity!"

    His embarrassment turned to rage as he shouted, his chest heaving with anger, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets to stare at her in rage. The very next moment, the grey robed figure leapt out quick as lightning, his thin and withered hand curled up to form claws as they reached out to grab at Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu's expression immediately changed and threw her sharp aura out into a flare. She did not dodge but had instead moved in to meet the challenge, her narrowed eyes vicious and bloodthirsty, her footwork with her strange steps bringing her body in fast. The dagger in her hand flipped, and imbued with her mystical power, she thrust it straight at the grey robed old man.

    "Child's play!"

    The grey robed old man snorted and reversed his hand, dodging Feng Jiu's attack easily. As that hand parried the dagger aside, his other hand reached out to grab at her once more.

    Her hand grabbed by the grey robed old man, Feng Jiu immediately went along with the momentum and let herself fall to the ground. As she was freed from the old man's five fingered vice grip, she raised a foot and swept it out at the same time, hearing her mystical power infused foot making a sharp swishing sound as it whipped through the air. Just for that mere moment he was caught off guard, his shin was struck by that kick. His knee buckled and as he fell into a squat, he jumped back hastily, to put some distance away from Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu attacked again without a moment's pause. She knew deep down that the explosion from the Second Elder's self detonation of his body had already alerted the various powers within the Cloudy Moon City and those people would surely rush here. At the present moment, what she wanted to do was to deal with this old man before those people arrive!


    The old man had barely just managed to regain his balance when he saw the dagger with its cold glint slashing right at his neck, shocking him into leaning his body back and kicking up with a foot at the same time. Unexpectedly, the girl had suddenly moved back and the point of the dagger that had been speeding towards his throat was turned, to be driven deep into the calf of the leg he had kicked up.

    The power from the vicious downward thrust and the force from his upward kick collided brutally, driving the dagger right through his leg. He could hear it when the sharp point of the dagger sliced into his bone and flesh, and that excruciating pain that hammered into his heart made all the power within his body explode out in a surge.


    A powerful blast of an Warrior Sovereign's aura shot out of the old man's body in a blast, the mad surge of the intense mystical energy viciously striking Feng Jiu to send her flying outwards.


    Sent flying a few meters, Feng Jiu was feeling an intense pain in her heart as blood spewed out through her mouth. Her heart meridian had been injured which made her entire body's aura suddenly turn weak.

    Seeing the old man pulling the dagger out and tossing it into the fire as he approached her step by step, her eyes narrowed. She endured the intense pain wrecking at her heart and stood up neither frightened or panicked, facing into the wind.

    Raising a hand, she smudged the blood from the corner of her mouth onto it and knotted her hands together to form a complicated and ancient handseal. Her cold voice at that moment then uttered a low chant that sounded highly ancient from far away, mellifluous and mysterious.....

    "By my blood, I free thee from thy restraint!'

    "By my name, I command thee, manifest in thy true form!"

    [Translator's Note from Cloud: My use of archaic english is most probably not correct. Please overlook it and I hope I at least got the general meaning right.... XD]
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