104 Heart Meridian Injury

    Two days later, in the Plum Blossom Ridge

    Dressed only in white casual clothes, Feng Jiu walked her room and immediately saw Leng Shuang coming towards her in approach.

    "Mistress." Leng Shuang greeted, feeling a little worried as she looked at Feng Jiu. Ever since the day she came back, her Mistress' complexion had been very pale.

    "Has my brother regained consciousness yet?" She asked looking at Leng Shuang, her voice slightly tinged with weakness.

    That night, she had gotten injured in her heart's meridian and if not for the fact that she was well versed in Medicine herself, it wouldn't have been possible for her to even get out of bed these two days. But, although her injury had shown improvements, she still had not fully recovered. At this point, if she spoke too loudly, or were to cough or something, she would still feel a dull ache within her chest.

    "Young Master has woken up."

    "Mm. I'll go take a look." As she spoke, she made her way outside.

    Guan Xi Lin's courtyard was just next to hers and it was close enough for her to walk over. Hence, she reached the place just having taken a few steps after coming out of her yard.

    Once inside the courtyard, before she pushed the door open to walk inside, she heard coughs coming out from within. She stopped in her tracks and turned to Leng Shuang: "Has he taken his medicine?"

    "He has taken it earlier when he woke up."

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu then walked inside. Once within, she saw Guan Xi Lin who was lying upon the bed trying to sit up and she hurried forward quickly to say: "You are still injured! Just lie down!"

    "Little Jiu?" When Guan Xi Lin saw that it was Feng Jiu, he revealed a smile upon his face. But when he noticed her pale complexion, he was immediately shocked: "Little Jiu, why is the colour of your face looking so bad?"

    He had just woken up and had not even had the chance to ask them how he had come to be here yet.

    "Injured my heart meridian. It'll recover with just a few days' nursing."

    She sat down by the side of the bed and stretched her hand out to feel his pulse as she said: "Although you have many injuries upon your body, but they are mostly surface wounds upon the flesh. It was fortunate your bones and meridians were not hurt or you would have needed to rest for at least another ten days or a whole half month."

    Seeing her pale face and then remembering that he had been rescued, however dense a person could be would still know that she had been the one who saved him. His eyes immediately felt hot and he said: "Little Jiu, your brother is so useless. Always just adding on to your troubles."

    "What are you even saying?"

    She pulled his blanket higher up to cover him properly and said: "Your body will only need another two days' rest and you can then get out of bed to move about. But the selections at the Guan Family is in three days and the timing will be rather tight. I am worried you body might not be able to take it."

    "It's fine. I can. For the Guan Family's selections, I must definitely go back."

    Then just rest well these two days, and I will prescribe medicine for you to have you recover quickly." She then stood up and said: "I'll go back to my room now. If there's anything, just tell it to Leng Shuang and it will do."

    "Alright. You are not well and should rest more as well. You do not need to keep coming to see me."

    Feng Jiu smiled and nodded. She next turned to Leng Shuang and left instructions for the changes to be made for the medicine and then returned back to her room, quickly slipping into the Spirit Palace within the space.

    After that night, not only her heart meridian had been injured, even the Fire Phoenix had fallen into a deep sleep because of it.

    For the Fire Phoenix which had taken the appearance of a human toddler to manifest in his true form would actually require him to wait till he matured. But last night, Feng Jiu had employed the Ancient Seal to break those constraints with blood to make him manifest in its true form to exterminate the enemy.

    In his true form, the might of his powers had almost reached the levels of an adult Ancient Sacred Beast at the pinnacle of its powers and it was naturally effortless for him to defeat a Warrior Sovereign. But the cost had been very high, which meant that he would fall into deep slumber and moreover, it was not known when he would awaken.

    She stared at the little Fire Phoenix wrapped in a teensy ball of fire within the space. He still looked like a three year old human toddler and just seemed to be in a deep sleep, lying there sleeping peacefully.

    Turning her gaze away, she sat down and assumed the lotus position to repair the injury within her body. With the surge of both spirit and mystical energies, her entire body was wrapped up within the sources of energy, and she could feel a warm surge flowing through her meridians as they moved along.....
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