111 Heading Off to the Guan Mansion

    Today, the Guan Residence was bustling with activity and the front of the mansion was filled with many parked horse carriages, many of them were people who shared close ties with the Guan Family with their respective Family Heads and Young Masters who had all been invited by the Guan Family to come spectate the Young Masters of the Guan Family compete against each other for the position of Young Head.

    When Leng Shuang drove their horse carriage up to come up to the front of the Guan Mansion, they could already hear the cheers erupting out from inside. She stopped the carriage and turned to say to the two people inside: "Young Master, Mistress, we're here."

    The curtains were flipped open and Guan Xi Lin leapt off from the carriage and reached out his hand and said: "Little Jiu, come, let me help you down."

    When the two guards standing at the door saw Guan Xi Lin, their eyes went wide with shock. "Is.... Isn't that Young Master Xi Lin? Is.. Isn't he already dead? How is he still alive?"

    The faces of the two guards changed drastically and one of them managed to recover from the shock and he quickly ran in to report it.

    Feng Jiu held onto Guan Xi Lin's hand and stepped off from the carriage, looking at the numerous horse carriages parked outside the Guan Mansion and she let out a laugh. "Big Brother, it seems to be very boisterous in there."

    "Mm, all the various family clans of a similar size will come watch this competition."

    His gaze fell onto the plaque that was hanging above the main door. "Guan Mansion', this was his home, however, he only felt the place to be so unfamiliar, so cold.

    "Young..... Young Master Xi Lin." The guard at the door quickly came over to greet him. His eyes were still filled with surprise, and his gaze secretly shifting to gauge the woman dressed in white who exuded an extraordinary demeanor.

    [Didn't everyone in the residence say that he had died? But.. but how was he standing in front of him well and alive?]

    "Has the competition started?"

    Guan Xi Lin looked at him and asked in a sombre voice. At that moment, his whole body gave out an oppressive aura that had a razor sharp edge, just merely a few months had gone by but the aura emanating out from his body had become incomparable to what he possessed just mere months ago.

    "St..started.. it has started already." Under the oppressive pressure he felt, the guard squeezed out the words weakly, a layer of cold sweat bathing him unconsciously.

    Hearing this, Guan Xi Lin turned and walked towards the entrance with large strides, Feng Jiu followed behind him light steps with Leng Shuang by her side.

    Looking at their backs, the guard swallowed his saliva and muttered to himself: "When was Young Master ever so scary? It's just been a few months ..."

    The guard suddenly thought of the recent marriage between Young Master Ruan and Ke Yin Ya, his heart filled with curiosity. Now that Young Master Xi Lin had come back, what would his reaction be if he found out that his betrothed had already married another?

    Unfortunately, he couldn't follow them to watch the show that was about to unfold as he had to guard the door, or he would have really wanted to follow them in to see.

    Inside, beneath the competition stage, the front few rows of the spectator stands were filled up by the most important figures of the Guan Family together with the other distinguished Family Heads of other prestigious Family Clans. In the rows behind them, sat all the younger generations of the various family clans and the children of the various Family Heads.

    They watched the match as they chatted, and when they saw the eight or nine consecutive wins by Guan Xi Ruan, the son of the Guan Family Head with no other worthy opponents that could be his match, the congratulatory compliments from the various Family Heads flooded the arena.

    "Hahaha, to have such an outstanding talent, is just like your Guan Family's style! To be so strong at such a young age, the Eldest Young Master's future is limitless!"

    Listening to these words of flattery, Guan Family Head was very proud but he still laughed and put on a modest front. He chortled happily and replied, "You're all just being kind, who doesn't know that all of the younger generations here are dragons among men? I've always told my boy to try to learn more from the various Young Masters here."

    The Senior Guan Family Patriarch was also smiling happily and stroking his beard as he listened to all the praises when suddenly a servant came running in in a fluster.
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