118 Self Expulsion from Clan

    When everyone heard her address Guan Xi Lin as Big Brother, they were all taken aback momentarily. They had never heard that Guan Xi Lin had a sister? Could it be, the lady was from a branch of the Guan Family?

    "Miss, you're part of the Guan Family?"

    A man standing beside Feng Jiu asked in curiosity, thinking to himself: [If she's really from the Guan Family, when they returned, he would definitely make his father come here to propose for marriage. That would allow them to firm up relations with the Guan Family, and let him carry a beauty back home, there is absolutely nothing to lose!]

    "Why do I not remember ever having such a member like you in my Guan Family?" The senior Patriarch asked, staring at Feng Jiu, his old and raspy voice sinking lower.

    Feng Jiu blinked her eyes and then said in surprise: "Don't flatter yourselves so much, when did I ever say I am part of your Guan Family?"

    (Translator note from Cloud: Chinese literal translation for above line would say: "Stop sticking gold onto your faces now, when did I ever say..." you get the point)


    "Do not bully my little sister!"

    The moment the senior Patriarch Guan's voice dropped, Guan Xi Lin upon the stage immediately hollered out right after, his sharp demeanour not losing a single bit to his Grandfather, stunning the entire crowd of people in shock and surprise, where everyone could not react for a moment.

    [Has he lost his mind? The senior Patriarch Guan is his biological grandfather and he has actually shouted right back in such complete and utter defiance?]

    The senior Patriarch Guan's gave flushed beet red, not known whether it was from embarrassment or rage, and his body trembled. The walking stick he held in his hand then thumped heavily upon the ground as he opened his mouth to admonish: "Rebelled? All of you have rebelled? One by one you're all rebelling? Does any of the rules still hold at all?"

    Guan Xi Lin upon the stage did not back down from the angry glare directed at him. He puffed up his chest and his eyes filled with steely determined as he looked at his grandfather, the gaze seemingly exhibiting his readiness to severe all ties, which drove a bout of panic into the heart of the senior Patriarch Guan who had been overcome with rage.

    Just as he wanted to open his mouth to ask everyone in the crowd to leave, he heard a highly booming voice filled with mystical powers within reach him, clearly reaching the ears of everyone below.

    "I, Guan Xi Lin hereby announce, to expel myself from the clan! From today onwards, all the people and affairs of the Guan Family, would have nothing more to do with me!"

    The male voice boomed powerfully at them, every word rocking them right in their hearts, which shocked them so hard to make them gasp out loudly at the same time, incredulous at what he had just said.

    [Self expulsion from the clan! ? Has he gone mad?]

    [With the protection afforded from a Family Clan and going without one would be an entirely different world. For a son who possessed such extraordinary gift to expel himself from the clan, what would that mean for him? He would be cutting off all resources for his cultivation and without the protection of a Family Clan, he would just be all alone on his own!]

    Having handed his own son over to have the guards carry him back to the main house, Family Head Guan's face was dark as he stared at Guan Xi Lin on the stage, his gaze flashing slightly, not saying a word.

    While the senior Patriarch Guan was completely trembling with rage as he pointed a shaking finger at him to say: "You..... You dare say that one more time!"

    Guan Xi Lin's eyes were grave, his voice stiff as he said: "It will be the same even if I say it a hundred times. I, Guan Xi Lin, expels myself from the clan!"

    "Big Brother Xi Lin, you have won the competition and you are now the Guan Family's young head. How can you expel yourself from the Family Clan! ?" Below the stage, a youth rushed up to shout out worriedly to Guan Xi Lin and said: "Hurry and apologise to Grandfather. Grandfather will not hold it against you."

    "No matter whether all of you agrees to it, I have said my piece today. This is the only reason I returned here today. The Guan Family, is a place I will no longer continue to remain within."

    Hearing those words, the senior Patriarch Guan went into a fit to shout out: "Has the Guan Family mistreated you or something? That would even make you think of self expulsion? If you do not make things clear today, don't even dream of expelling yourself from the Family Clan, I will even have the Family Clan's rules and punishments waiting to serve onto you, to properly instil some discipline on this unruly son!"
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