122 Old Patriarch Feng

    The sudden and unexpected female voice reached the shopkeeper's ears, the words making him feel like he had heard the voice of heavenly deities, and his eyes sparkled as he turned to look in the direction of that voice.

    The common citizens surrounding the scene turned in surprise as they looked at the girl walking slowly in approach and when their eyes fell upon that figure, their eyes all lit up, their hearts secretly rising with praise.

    [Such outstanding grace and elegance on that girl.]

    Although her face could not be seen under that veil, but the clear and elegant grace on her made everyone's eyes light up, all of them subconsciously opening up a path for her, to allow the lady to pass.

    "Miss? Is what this Young Miss just said really true? You know this Old Master? That's just great! Can I trouble you to hurry up and take him away? My business has already been held up by him for the entire day." The shopkeeper pleaded, his eyes seeming like he had just seen the piece of driftwood that could save his life, where he quickly stepped forward and started chattering.

    Feng Jiu tossed him a nugget of silver and said: "This will be payment for the wine." And she then turned to look at Old Patriarch Feng.

    Standing before the main doors of the wine shop, Old Patriarch Feng had from the moment Feng Jiu come walking over, had his eyes looking fixed upon her, looking at her from head to toe. And as she turned to look at him, the old man's mouth split into a wide grin, and in a display of childish temperament, he suddenly pouted, his face petulant as he asked in a puzzled tone: "My dear Little Feng, how did you manage to find your Grandfather again?"

    [My dear Little Feng, how did you manage to find your Grandfather again.....]

    Feng Jiu was slightly startled as she stood there in surprise to stare at her Grandfather pouting with pursed lips, his expression slightly dismayed. Seeing that the face was obviously unhappy that he had been discovered, but the sparkle in those eyes however revealed the unconcealable joy and delight of having been found.

    That question the old man asked earlier had stirred up the old memories in her mind, making her remember the countless times when the old man and his granddaughter had played hide and seek.

    Whenever he was found by the young granddaughter, he would always put on such a perturbed face and ask in dismay: "My dear Little Feng, how did you manage to find your Grandfather again?"

    Her heart suddenly winced and her eyes began to feel hot, as an uncontrollable mist of water seemed to fill within her eyes, causing her vision to become blurred.

    Because he had recognized her with just one single glance, and because he had called her as Little Feng, which tugged at her heart in a way that was beyond her control.

    She knew her Grandfather suffered from intermittent short term memory loss. (Translator Note from Cloud: it sounds slightly like early Alzheimer's but the Chinese raws is as translated.)

    He might forget where his home was, he might forget who he is himself, and even sometimes forget his own name! But he did not forget her.

    He always said that she was the Feng Family's little Phoenix, and the most precious treasure they held in their hands. They doted on her, indulged her, protected her, and gave the best of everything they had to her, just to see her happy and joyous.

    Seeing that her eyes were misting up, Old Patriarch Feng was suddenly flustered as he rushed forward: "Little Feng? What's wrong? Who bullied you? You tell Grandfather and Grandfather will beat him up for you!" To show that he would use force, he clenched up his fist and shook it before her.

    Feng Jiu shook her head and held his hand, leading him out from within the crowd of people, to walk towards the Feng Residence.

    As they walked along, their steps slow, she did not speak. Old Patriarch Feng at her side allowed himself to be led by her as she liked and just followed behind obediently, occasionally peeking at her cautiously, wondering why she had cried?

    "Little Feng, do you still have money?" He asked warily.

    Feng Jiu's steps stopped and she turned to look at her Grandfather, before she fished out a nugget of silver to give to him.

    Old Patriarch Feng took it delightedly and his mouth split into a grin as he said: "You wait here for Grandfather for a moment. Do not run off." As he spoke, he bounced his way away.

    Not long after, the old man came running back, and he hid something within his hand and presented it to Feng Jiu like he was revealing a priceless treasure and said: "Nah, Grandfather bought it for you. It's your favourite! Sugared Lotus Seeds! After you eat these Sugared Lotus Seeds, you won't be crying anymore!"

    Hearing those words and looking at the packet of Sugared Lotus Seeds in his hand, her throat choked up, her heart suddenly felt as if it had been filled by something, something warm, but felt slightly bitter, wanting to cry out "Grandfather", but not daring to call out aloud.
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