344 Congratulations on your new home

    "Father, he didn't even send us any invitations. Moreover, he treats us even worse than strangers, why should we still attend it?" Guan Family Head was unhappy and said sulkily, his unwillingness to follow his father's words were written all over his face.

    His father looked at him in disappointment and said, "I said to send then just send it! If you aren't going to send anything, then I'll arrange it on my own!" He snapped and with a darkened expression as he turned and left.

    Towards Guan Xi Lin, he had always felt remorse. If it wasn't for the initial prejudice, their Guan Family wouldn't have lost such a good seed. Now that things have come to this, even if he wants to make up, it was all too late. The only thing he could do was only these little actions of affection.

    Seeing that the two father and son had argued over this, everyone in the hall did not dare speak but just glanced at each other helplessly.

    Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

    A burst of firecrackers broke the silence of the morning and ushered in joy and the new day. For Guan Xi Lin, this day was undoubtedly exciting and unforgettable.

    Before the break of dawn, he had already woken up and arranged everything. There wasn't many people working in his mansion that was why Feng Jiu had sent a few people to help him. As for the banquet, they had directly booked with the capital's largest restaurant and they would be in charge of all aspects in this matter. This way, there would be much less of a hassle.

    "Big Brother, you can stop being so busy already, now that everything has been arranged properly, all that you need to do is to just greet the guests outside."

    Feng Jiu smiled and came to his side. Today, she was dressed similarly in a white dress, her long black hair was tied up, leaving two tendrils of hair to accentuate her beautiful face, adding more feminine charm to her already stunning countenance.

    "The auspicious hour is almost here, Little Jiu, you can help me entertain the guests in the manor, I'll head outside to welcome the guests in." He said with a smile, after which, he strode to the main gate.

    The first person to arrive at the main gate was Manager Yan of the black market. He was accompanied by two people who followed behind him closely with the gift in hand, before he entered, he cupped both hands and congratulated him.

    "Ha ha ha, Xi Lin, congratulations!"

    "Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to come by, please come in." Guan Xi Lin cupped his hands in response and was all smiles as he welcomed him in.

    "This Li congratulates Young Master Guan on your new home!" A Family Head brought two other youths as they similarly held the gifts in their hands.

    "Thank you, thank you. Li Family Head, this way please." After cupping his hands in return, he walked them through the gate and had the steward lead them to the main hall where Feng Jiu was.

    As the time passed, streams of people came bearing gifts and well wishes and the entire Guan Manor was hustling and bustling with activity. The voices of the guests were accompanied by boisterous laughter which filled the entire Guan Manor with a lively and festive atmosphere.

    "Big Brother, almost all are here already?" Feng Jiu walked to his side and asked.

    Guan Xi Lin turned to look at her and chortled, "Mmn, it seems like everyone is here already, come, let's go then! Let's head in."

    "Alright." She laughed and just as she was about to turn back, a familiar voice reached her ears.

    "Young Master Guan, congratulations on your new home. I came here uninvited to seek a cup of wine."

    Murong Yi Xuan who was wearing a white robe came over as he walked with an air of elegance. There was a servant following close behind carrying a gift. Although he had said this to Guan Xi Lin, his eyes fell on Feng Jiu. The moment he saw her, his eyes trembled with a tinge of excitement.

    When he saw him, Guan Xi Lin was slightly taken aback. He turned to look at Feng Jiu and turned back to look at Murong Yi Xuan. After being stunned for a moment, he quickly regained his senses and replied: "Whoever visits is a guest, Third Prince, this way please."
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