128 Phoenix Birthmark

    "Grandfather, Father."

    She called out in a cheerful voice, trying to ease the suffocating atmosphere. She went up to Old Patriarch Feng and affectionately put her arm around his, as she beamed with a bright smile and looked innocently at him with her doe eyes. "Grandfather, little Feng missed you so much! Ever since you've entered your close door cultivation, I've not seen you in months!"

    Instead of the usual jovial reply, Old Patriarch Feng locked his gaze on her, as if trying to see through her. Her heart jolted in shock.

    "Grandfather, what's the matter?" She had even subconsciously let go of his arms as she took a step back, as she looked uneasily at him.

    When Feng Xiao saw the situation, he quickly approached. "Father, Qing Ge is talking to you!"

    "I remember that your arm has a Phoenix birthmark. Take your coat off and show it to me." Old Patriarch Feng fixed his gaze on her, looking out for any subtle changes in her expression.

    When they heard this, not only Qing Ge was stunned but even Feng Xiao widened his eyes before he frowned and spoke back In a displeased tone. "What is this? What do you mean by that Father?! Why do you suddenly want to see Qing Ge's birthmark?"

    "Grandfather, do you doubt me? Do you think that I'm not your granddaughter?" Her eyes were teary as she looked back at him with an aggrieved and sad expression.

    Feng Xiao could not help but feel bad and he quickly comforted her. "Qing Ge, your Grandfather didn't mean that, it's not what you think."

    However, Old Patriarch Feng only grunted and swept a cold look of indifference to Feng Xiao and glared at Qing Ge. He frowned and demanded in a harsh tone: "Show me the Phoenix Birthmark."


    "Shut up!" Old Patriarch Feng snapped back and shot him a sharp gaze. Feng Xiao immediately zipped up and did not dare utter out another word.

    Feng Qing Ge bit her lips and her tears started to fall. "Grandfather, do not be angry, since Grandfather wants to see the Phoenix Birthmark, I'll let Grandfather see it." She pulled off her coat and and revealed the red Phoenix Birthmark that was on her snowy fair arm.

    "Father, see? Isn't that Qing Ge's Birthmark right there?" He really did not understand what his father was up to. How did he suddenly fly into a rage once he came back, and kept on insisting on seeing Feng Ge's Birthmark? Did he think that someone had actually switched out his own daughter?

    He sees his daughter everyday, every expression , her face, her demeanour he was all too familiar. How could she be an imposter? Wasn't it a bit far fetched to arrive at such a ridiculous thought that someone had actually posed as his very own daughter and he wasn't aware of it?

    Seeing that Phoenix Birthmark, Old Patriarch Feng furrowed his brows and said: "Come here."


    Old Patriarch Feng disregarded Feng Xiao's outburst and stared fiercely at Feng Ge. "Come here!" His voice majestically thundered throughout the entire hall.

    Feng Ge bit her lips lightly and with a look full of grievance, she walked closer to Old Patriarch Feng and soon came before his scrutinizing gaze.

    Old Patriarch Feng glanced at her and with his two fingers, he dipped them in the tea and started rubbing at the Phoenix Birthmark. The birthmark remained, without any change, it hadn't faded away as he had imagined. Seeing this, his brows furrowed deeper.

    "Grandfather, can I put my coat back on?" Her voice was choking and she had on a hurt expression as she looked at Old Patriarch Feng.

    Without waiting for his Father to reply, Feng Xiao quickly said, "Qing Ge, quickly, put your coat back on and go back to your room, I'll talk to your Grandfather."

    "Mhm." Her tears started pouring down as she quickly put on her coat and ran out.

    Seeing her leave in such a manner, Feng Xiao knitted his bows together and in a firm voice, he asked. " Father, what was that all about? Do you doubt your own granddaughter?!"
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