147 Poison Clan Territory

    Hearing that, her lips curled up slightly as she approached the cage with a smile. "Speak! What kind of forces does she have under her hands? Tell me all that you know and you'd better not try any tricks or the consequences shall be highly severe"

    "Let me out first! Or else kill these other men and I'll talk!" He screamed as he kick off a man who was hugging on his thigh before running away to another side of the cage.

    Feng Jiu crossed her arms together as an eyebrow on her face lifted, her gaze tinged with a highly teasing glint: "It will take only a little while more for the drug to fully take effect. If you want to dawdle, I wouldn't mind watching a good show."

    Pure lunacy!

    He cursed in his heart but did not dare to drag any longer and had no choice but to spill everything he knew.....

    "Poison Clan?"

    She murmured the name softly and a cold glint flashed across her eyes while the corners of the mouth under the veil curled into a  her lips curved up into an evil arc.

    "Let me out quick! Quickly..... Ugh!"

    He was shouting in panic but his voice had suddenly stopped abruptly. He suddenly fell limply to the ground as his entire body was drained of all strength. Several of the other men saw it and rushed over to pounce on him, one pulling at his pants and another tugging at his robe.....

    Feng Jiu's eyes filled with a chill as she glanced at the cage and said in a highly casual tone: "Against my enemies, I have never ever been merciful. Since you do not have the courage to kill yourself, I'll then help you. You will not have any strength to even put up a struggle so just have fun playing with them."

    The moment her voice faded off, she immediately turned around to walk out. At the very moment her body turned, from behind her she could hear the sounds of heavy grunting.....

    When Guan Xi Lin who was standing guard outside heard the sound of heavy grunts coming from inside, he was surprised for a moment and puzzlement rose within his eyes. He was just about to go in and check when he saw Feng Jiu walking out and he immediately went towards her in approach.

    "Little Jiu, all those people have been dealt with?"

    "Yup! All done. Let's go!" She replied with a wide smile as she nodded her head in affirmation.

    "But why am I still able to hear them still alive and they still seem to be making loud grunts!" He was feeling rather confused and he wanted to go inside to take a look but was pulled by Feng Jiu further outside.

    "There's no need to bother about those people anymore. I've fed them poison and they will not live till tomorrow. Didn't you say that you wanted to accumulate more actual battle experience? Come, I'll bring you to a place." As she spoke, she continued to drag and pull Guan Xi Lin out from the place.

    When he heard her words, his eyes lit up and he asked quickly: "Is it their old nest? You've managed to get that out of them?"

    "That's right, It's their nest I'm talking about. Let's eradicate this nest of theirs overnight!" This force that Su Ruo Yun nurtured and built up, Feng Jiu wanted to completely obliterate it within one night!

    The Poison Clan's fame had only risen in recent years and were most well known for their skill in poison where they also took on assassination missions. No one usually dared to mess with the people in the Poison Clan because of the fact that regardless how highly skilled one was, when pitted against those skilled in the use of poisons one would often find themselves already dead from being poisoned before they realize anything amiss.

    Hence, even if there were people knew where the Poison Clan's were located, nobody had dared to think of destroying the Poison Clan. But alas, this time they had incurred the wrath of Feng Jiu and moreover the head of the Poison Clan was Su Ruo Yun. With such an opportunity for revenge presented before her eyes, she would naturally not let it slip.

    Within the deep darkness of the night, two figures passed through the forest. Under the night sky, Feng Jiu and Guan Xi Lin moved silently and quickly.

    Suddenly, Guan Xi Lin reached out his hand and tugged at Feng Jiu as he said in a low voice: "Little Jiu, look at this." Guan Xi Lin was pointing at a stone tablet among the trees.

    "Poison Clan Territory. Death to intruders?"

    Feng Jiu read it out and a sinister smile came onto her lips as her eyes narrowed.
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