150 Elite Masters

    -Two days later-

    Feng Jiu was supporting her Grandfather as they walked within the courtyard and she asked: "Grandfather, how are you feeling? Are you now better?"

    "Heh heh, I'm much better, though if you give me a few sips of wine, I think I won't even need you to hold me and your Grandfather will be able to shoot forward like an arrow and maybe even fly!" The Old Patriarch said with his eyes narrowed in smile, his entire being regaining back his vigor after having rested and nursed for two days here.

    But, having gone without drink for the past few days and his body recovered, his craving was acting up a little.

    "Not just yet. Wait a few more days and you can drink however much you want then." She told him as she helped him over to sit down at the stone table in the courtyard, and poured out a cup of water for him instead.

    "Little Feng, when are we going home? Continuing to stay out here is not going to solve anything and that insidious Su Ruo Yun has not been dealt with yet. On top of that, that blunderer father of yours is still being led around by the nose without realizing what is going on at all!"

    He shook his head sighed heavily before he said: "Speaking of your father, he's actually rather pitiful, not knowing a single thing."

    She had already told him everything that had transpired in the past and he couldn't help but feel grateful that she was still alive and fortunate that he had been able to run into her in the streets and had been able to recognize her. But, he would never have thought that the malicious woman back home would actually be that genteel Su Ruo Yun at Little Feng side who had been as close as a sister to her.

    One cannot fully read another's heart, you really can't judge a book by its cover!

    "Once Grandfather is feeling better, we can then go back anytime." She said with a light laugh, thinking it was about time to return to the Feng Residence.

    The Old Patriarch was ecstatic when he heard that and he patted her on her hand and said repeated three times," Good, good, good."

    "Little Jiu."

    Guan Xi Lin entered the courtyard with hurried steps looking rather flustered and when he saw the old man beside her, he immediately greeted: "Grandfather."

    Due to his relationship with Feng Jiu, and when the old man heard how he had self exiled himself from the Guan Family, he had let Guan Xi Lin address him as Grandfather as well even saying when he got back to the Feng Residence, he would ask Feng Xiao to take him in as his godson.

    Seeing his face filled with anxiety and worry, Feng Jiu immediately asked: "Big Brother, what's wrong?"

    "Grandfather, Little Jiu, something has happened to the Feng Family! You've better hurry back to the Feng Residence now!"

    When the old Patriarch heard that, he asked rather worriedly: "What happened?"

    "I've just returned from outside and I've heard that because of Grandfather's disappearance, Father has been wrought with worry and he has fallen ill and is bedridden. It seems he is also going to hand over the command of the Feng Guards to Su Ruo Yun to allow her to fully take charge of locating Grandfather. Quite a number of people from the Family Clan in the city had been invited to go over for the announcement ceremony today at noon, to tell everyone that the Lord of the Feng Family's Guards will be her daughter. But the problem is that Father does not know that the Feng Qing Ge in the manor is an imposter! If the Feng Guards are handed over to her, then that will really be big trouble!"

    Although he was not part of the Feng Family, but he was still aware that the powers of the Feng Guards was something even the Imperial Family were wary of. If such a force were to fall into the hands of that venomous scorpion of a woman, what could be worse?

    "This Su Ruo Yun! Such an ungrateful wench!"

    The old Patriarch cursed out in rage: "Your father has always been as strong as a bull! How could it be possible that he will fall sick from anxiety the moment I went missing? That thankless wench must have used poison to harm people once again!"

    Hearing those words, Feng Jiu could not help it but the corner of her mouth twitched. [Strong as a bull? Her Grandfather's description couldn't have been more apt.]

    "But Grandfather, how is it that even the Imperial Family are fearful of our Feng Guards? On the night when I went there to bring you out, I had thought that the Feng Guards standing at the door were not that great at all!"

    "That's because you've yet to come across the Elite Masters among our Feng Guards!"

    The old Patriarch stood up and with one hand behind his back and the other stroking his beard, he said: "The Feng Guards of our Feng Family are differentiated by ranks. The team forming up the Elite Masters is the trump card of our Feng Family."
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