387 Making Plans!

    Perhaps they had grown accustomed to her fresh, refined appearance as she often dressed in white at home. Now, however, Feng Jiu wore a dress as red as fire, and not a single person in the entire residence could look away.

    Her beauty was known to all, and it was no wonder that she was lauded a beauty among beauties.

    Having served in the Feng Residence for all these years, it's not like they had never seen her dressed in fine clothing, yet there was something about the fiery red dress she wore and the lovely way she carried herself that left them at a bewildering loss for words.

    When the Feng Guards and others saw her steadily approaching, they had trouble hiding their blubbering infatuation.

    To watch her graciously approach, wearing her dress that seemed to flicker with fire, and to see the cool collected look deep in her shimmering eyes was almost too much to bear! Her nonchalance seemed to evoke a devilish persuasion, a burning fascination. As if she had cast a spell, her radiant beauty was beyond compare...

    Despite their best composure and training, they couldn't help but stare, meeting her cool, collected glance that chilled them down to their toes. In an instant, they each felt a tug at their hearts and a surge to their pulses. What beauty! What allure! A moment more and it all had disappeared. All that was left was an awkward silence.

    This was going to be their new mistress, and for them to gawk like that would be a disgrace!

    "Young Miss!" Several guards called out as they scrambled to gather their composure.

    Feng Jiu looked away and gingerly walked into the courtyard. As she entered, several others sprung to attention and called out, "It's Young Miss!"

    "Mm," Feng Jiu said with a slight smile. She looked at them, laughed, and asked, "So, you've all eaten already?"

    "Heh! We aren't hungry yet, so we'll eat later," said one of the middle-aged men. "Go on in, Miss!" he said, gesturing to her "The Master is inside waiting for you."

    "Alright," she replied and went inside.

    "Little Jiu, come in! Sit here," said Feng Xiao as he waved her over to the seat next to him. Feng Xiao, Guan Xilin, and Leng Hua, who off to the side attending to them, were the only people in the room.

    Guan Xilin poured the wine, smiling, as he said, "Father had them prepare your favorite dishes, and I've brought some spiritual wine. Little Jiu, have a taste tell me what you think."

    "Mm," she said as she sat down at the table. Taking in the fragrant aromas of the dishes before her, with a warm smile across her face, Feng Jiu said, "There's no place like home! No matter where I go, I can never find dishes that are made as good as these."

    "Well, have as much as you'd like," said Feng Xiao, as he plucked a piece of meat and dropped it into her bowl, "You've been out running around too much lately and have gotten as thin as a rake!"

    "Yeah, yeah," she said as she grabbed a pair of chopsticks and dug into the meal.

    At the dinner table, the three of them only spoke of everyday matters. It was only after they had polished off their dinner and Leng Shuang had cleaned away their dinnerware did they begin to talk business.

    "Little Jiu, did you know? Those two audacious old bastards came here for Old White that one day," said Feng Xiao, "and they clearly intended to rob our Feng Residence in broad daylight. If it weren't for Yi Xuan, they probably would've gotten away with it!" Clearly, Feng Xiao was evidently still upset about the matter.

    After having protected Sun Glory Country for all those years, once they were made useless, cruel treatment and wretched schemes were already lying in wait for the Feng family. This great slight vexed Feng Xiao to no end.

    Fretful, Feng Jiu turned to her father and asked, "Was it the same two men who ambushed and planned to kill you?"

    "It was the very same two old bastards," he said, "and they thought that no one would find out what they had done because I was in a daze. They even dared to come to our house for Old White in broad daylight! What brazen insolence!"
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