415 Scream Out in Alarm!

    Seeing the old man's attack, the old Geng Family Patriarch's eyes darkened, as he pushed Feng Jiu behind him and said, "My little Feng girl! Get out of the way!" At once, he began to conjure up a mystical force from within. Suddenly, he began to rush forward, his hands clenched into tight fists, to meet his opponent's attack.

    Feng Jiu, who had been pushed back, was distraught. The old man had pushed her out of the way to meet the attack himself. She watched as a force burst forth from the old man and saw him steadily and powerfully rush forward, fearlessly facing off against the elder immortal cultivator. In this instant, she was filled with an indescribable feeling.

    She was lost in mixed feelings and was moved by his actions. Touched, a heartfelt smile quietly appeared upon her lips, like the slow blooming of a delicate flower, making her all the more beautiful because she was moved from the bottom of her heart.

    Seeing his father face off against the elder immortal cultivator, the head of the Geng family's heart was seized with fear. His opponent was an immortal cultivator. If these men had the cultivation base of ordinary fighters, perhaps his father would have a chance, but these two clearly had reached the Gold Core stage!

    Knowing his father's martial cultivation, could he really stand a chance against Golden Core cultivators? It was impossible!

    He couldn't help but look to the red-dressed Feng Jiu, and he was shocked to see the smile on her face as she watched the ensuing battle. He couldn't help but feel annoyed. What was wrong with this Young Miss Feng!? Couldn't she see that her father was no match for that immortal cultivator?


    Whack! Whack! Whack!

    One was a mid-level mystical warrior, and the other was a Golden Core immortal cultivator. For the people gathered there that evening, the strength of these men was simply unrivaled, and so, when the power and might of the two men surged against one another, it was as if a cloud of dust swirled up and settled back down around them, making it difficult for onlookers to breathe.

    Some of those standing watch who had trouble withstanding this onslaught quietly backed away a distance to avoid the pressure of such great a force. The two opponents fought so quickly that bystanders couldn't even see their movements. All that they could see were two grey figures fighting, at times up in the air and at times back down on the ground. A turbulent force swelled around them, as sharp as a knife, and onlookers couldn't help but hold their breath in suspense.

    It was truly an impressive battle! Weaker bystanders, as much as they may have wished to join in, stood idly by. The fighting was so fierce and powerful that no one could lend a hand, and unless one had comparable strength, they couldn't so much as hope to come any closer to them.

    Seeing such powerful opponents duel it out, the bystanders felt a surge of excitement in their hearts. How impressive would it be to have that kind of cultivation!


    The two men smacked into one another, and as their forces collided, a powerful gust of air exploded outwards. The stronger man stood firm, while the weaker one was repelled several paces, stumbling just to keep his balance.


    Watching as the old patriarch was repelled, losing ground to the immortal cultivator, the head of the Geng family screamed out as he prepared to jump into the action, if not for the other elder Golden Core cultivator who stood off to the side with his hands behind his back. Grunting deeply, the immortal cultivator flicked his sleeves, and except for stammering back several paces, the head of the Geng family could not come any closer.

    "Hah! If you don't have what it takes, then stand down!" the Golden Core cultivator growled, looking askance at the head of the Geng family and his men as if to make it clear that he intended to kill the old Geng Family Patriarch just to shock them.

    Seeing the chance to attack the Golden Core cultivator that fought their old patriarch, the men from the Geng family quickly rushed forward to save the old patriarch's life. Suddenly, they paused, as if their hearts had been wrenched forth, and screamed out in alarm...
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