201 How Does It Feel

    The Hell's Lord shot a glance over at him and then carried Feng Jiu over to the table to sit down as he ordered: "Bring me medicine."

    Upon hearing that, Shadow One had no choice but to bring the two ladies out and went to retrieve the medicine for wounds to bring it in there before placing it upon the table. Seeing his Lord carrying the youth in his arms while he sat upon his Lord's lap, he opened his mouth, wanting to speak but then did not know what to say.

    Feng Jiu's body was stiff as she sat upon the Hell's Lord's lap and it felt as if she was sitting upon a bed of nails, her entire body highly uncomfortable. But someone seemed to not have detected anything amiss at all as he carried on doing as he wished, acting like there was nothing wrong at all.

    "Hell's Lord, about this, this little bit of injury is nothing at all and I shouldn't trouble you to have to apply medicine for me. I should be getting up and be on my way back already." Feng Jiu said as she thought to stand up. But her behind had just parted from the Hell's Lord's lap when she was pressed back down.

    "Sit properly!"

    She stiffened up like a log as she was pressed back down onto his lap, not daring to move carelessly.

    When Shadow One saw that, he could only sigh lightly as he walked himself outside, to stand guard outside the door. It did not need to be said that from the way things looked, his Lord had already fallen too deep into the muck, and could no longer be pulled back out.

    "Shadow One? Why did I see those two ladies go back with crying faces? What happened? Didn't the Lord let them wait upon him into bed?" Grey Wolf could not help but to step forward and ask in curiosity as he came walking in when he saw Shadow One standing guard at the door.

    "Why have you come here?" Shadow One asked, blocking the door. He threw a quick glance inside and then went forward to stop the man, not wanting Grey Wolf to see the Lord embracing the youth and even helping him apply medicine!

    "What's wrong? Why are you stopping me for?"

    Grey Wolf was unaware of the situation and seeing that the door was not closed, he stretched his neck out to peek a glance inside. But seeing that Shadow One was persistently blocking him off right before his eyes, he could not help but become frustrated and to stretch a hand out to push him away as he complained: "What are you up to?"

    But, when his eyes fell upon the scene within the room, the strength went out from his legs and he very nearly fell to sit upon the ground.

    "Did..... Did I see that right? The Lord is embracing that..... that kid! ?" Grey Wolf had his hand gripping Shadow One's collar tightly, his eyes wide and bulging with shock.

    Shadow One pulled him to a spot further outside in case his words could be heard by his Lord inside. "Even if you've seen it, you have to pretend you haven't seen anything. Go back to where you came from. The Lord will not be free to see you right at this moment."

    "No..... They....."

    "Don't ask me. I do not know anything." Shadow One said as his lips stiffened tightly, returning back to the door to resume guard.

    Inside the room, Feng Jiu stared at the highly uglily wrapped bandage around her forearm and the corners of her mouth twitched as she slanted her head slightly at an angle. Looking at the maskless Hell's Lord at such a close distance, she suddenly felt that she had possibly really met him before the more she looked at him.

    "Hell's Lord, have we met before?"

    Hearing those words, the Hell's Lord finally remembered that he had not put his mask back on after his bath and his lowered eyes flashed faintly with a dark glint. He raised his eyes up to glance at her and the arm around her waist did not loosen in the least but he instead shifted the focus away by saying: "How long do you intend to keep applying that thing on your face?"


    Feng Jiu was taken aback a moment and when she recalled the fact that she had the green and black salve applied all over her face, her face split into a wide grin as she replied: "I will be about done with it in about a few more days."

    In another few more days, her nice and pretty countenance would be restored. Just thinking about it makes me so happy.

    Seeing her eyes curving up into two smiley crescents, the faint fragrance of herbs unique only from her wafting in through his nose, and a woman whom he did not revile to touch in his embrace, his eyes gradually darkened, and his throat kept gulping incessantly as he felt a fire rise within him.

    He had never had any feelings for anyone else but her, where he was feeling a kind of incomprehensible impulse.

    What kind of a feeling a palpitating heart was, it seemed he might already know now.....

    Seeing that the Hell's Lord really wasn't intending to release his grip, Feng Jiu's gaze changed and the ends of her lips turned up into a sinister smile that was tinged with a bit of ridicule as she asked: "Hell's Lord, how does it feel to be hugging me like this?"
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