203 Bathing Together In The Nigh

    Having returned back to her room, Feng Jiu lay on the bed and thought about it and felt that it was time to run.

    That Hell's Lord was a little abnormal and her face was about to be healed. Hence, it would be better if she looked for a good time to escape. It was not known what other kind of trouble would happen if she continued to remain here.

    The next day, she brought the medicine she concocted to Old Lin, and then took quite a number of magical herbs from the Medical Tower. Just when she was just about to walk out from the Medical Tower, she saw Old Lin coming in carrying a large box and she then asked: "Old Lin, what is that you're carrying in your hands?"

    "Ho ho, this here is a thousand year ginseng, a rare treasure hardly seen in a hundred years. See here, this is a highly premium treasure!"

    He opened the box, his eyes brimming with excitement as he said: "With this thousand year ginseng, just one tiny slice would be able to hold the life of a person with his aura gravely weakened and many a time, it can be a life saving miracle medicine."

    "It's a humongous one! It's roots intact and its vein lines clear. It is indeed a rare find of a treasure." Feng Jiu's eyes lit up, her hands reaching out wanting to feel it but Old Lin snapped the lid shut.

    Old Lin looked at Feng Jiu warily and clutched the box tightly in his arms to say: "This is a treasure among treasures. You had better not get any ideas with this thousand year ginseng. This here, has to be kept and used to save lives."

    "I know I know. Just wanted to see." Feng Jiu smiled disarmingly, her heart thinking that when she left, she would steal this thousand year ginseng and bring it with her.

    For the entire day, she avoided the Hell's Lord, trying her best not to bump into him. Till the night sky was gradually darkening, Feng Jiu gauged the time before she went walking towards the hot spring in the mountain behind, intending to have a good soak tonight, while waiting for a few days for the Hell's Lord to go out and was not around before she would quietly leave.

    Stripping off her clothes and tying a thin layer of gauze over her body, Feng Jiu carefully stepped into the hot spring. This hot spring in this mountain at the back was deeper and she could only walk along the sides of the pool, and then sitting down along the edge to sink into the water.

    Leaning back against the edge she let out a sigh: "Pure bliss!" As night was gradually deepening the sky was littered with twinkling stars, a highly beautiful sight.

    "Coming to soak in the hot spring, why have you not asked this Lord to come along but instead come here by yourself?"

    The voice that sounded so suddenly startled Feng Jiu so much she very nearly jumped right out. But remembering that there was only a layer of thin gauze over her body, she immediately sank back down into the waters, her gaze tinged with anger as she stared at the person walking out from among the shadows.

    "Why are you here?"

    The Hell's Lord who came walking out with his hands behind his back was not wearing his mask, revealing his countenance that was as beautiful as the celestial gods. But at that moment, his deep penetrating gaze was staring piercingly at the figure within the water, upon the smooth rounded shoulders and having no intention of turning away, but to admire unabashedly instead.

    Thinking back, this was his second time seeing her within the water like this. The last time, he had no other thoughts about her and he had naturally not paid it any mind, never paying it much attention.

    But seeing that one again today, he felt that the woman in the water with the soft light of the night reflecting off the water's surface, was as beautiful as a portrait, regardless that her face had been smeared with that medicinal salve, it still did not make her look any less ravishing and pleasing in his eyes.

    He held his hands behind his back, standing at the edge of the hot spring pool, to stare at the woman shrinking back and curled up in a ball within the water with an almost undetectable smile upon his handsome and highly stalwart face to say: "This place belongs to this Lord here. What is so strange about this Lord appearing here?"

    As he spoke, he had already taken the boots off his feet, unbuckled the jade belt at his waist, shedded off his outer robe before removing his underrobe, to expose his sexy and muscular upper body.....

    Seeing him move his hand towards the top of his pants who fully intended to take it off, Feng Jiu immediately became so nervous she started stuttering.

    "What..... What..... What are you doing?"
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