204 Is It Satisfactory?

    "Taking off my clothes. Can't you see?"

    His voice was low and highly magnetic and if one did not pay close attention, they wouldn't have noticed that that voice had been tinged with a trace of mirth.

    Feng Jiu stared at him in frustration and said: "Of course I know that you're taking off your clothes! I am asking why are you even taking your clothes off in the first place!"

    "Naturally to soak myself in the hot spring!" He answered like she was stating what was plainly obvious.

    "Do you see that I am in here?" She retorted through gritted teeth.

    "We're both men, what does it matter that we soak in the hot spring together?" The Hell's Lord asked with a lift of his eyebrow, a corner of his mouth curling up slightly.

    Hearing those words, Feng Jiu almost wanted to jump out from the water to berate him vehemently.

    What did he mean by both men? Who says it does not matter that they both bathe in the hot spring together? She was not wearing any clothes you know? She was already curled up into a ball and if he really came into the water, how atrocious would that turn out to be?

    But it was at that instant that she saw him take off his long pants and was about to strip of his underwear. Seeing that, Feng Jiu's heart constricted and was raised up. Knowing full well that she should avert her eyes, but her eyes seemed to have been sucked in like a magnet, to stare right straight at him.

    Seeing her unwavering gaze watching his every action without aversion, the ends of the Hell's Lord's mouth curled up slightly, and the hand placed upon his underpants paused as he said in a jolly good mood: "This Lord here heard from Grey Wolf that when you treated him before, you had merely administered acupuncture on the acupoints on his waist?"

    "What else then?" She said with a roll of her eyes. However, the moment her voice fell and she recalled the questions he had asked her before with the strange expression his face had made at that time, she was immediately inadvertently startled as she asked: "You couldn't have possibly thought that I saw everything of his would you?"

    Seeing that he did not say anything but consented with silence, Feng Jiu could not help but break out in laughter: "Heavens! Why would you think that? Thinking that I would be so l lecherous! ?"

    Seeing him looking at her with a indiscernible smile, she then laughed a little sheepishly: "Alright alright, although I am a little lecherous, I am very picky and I set me sights very high alright? With someone like Grey Wolf, I wouldn't even be interested to look even if he strips himself naked."

    "Oh? Then what about someone like this Lord here?"

    Hearing that, a corner of her mouth twitched and she said: "Hell's Lord, I remember you having told me that you do not have any undesirable habits?"

    [Just as expected, the words of men are not to be believed. This scoundrel here was obviously just oozing all over with amorous intent! Could it be spring is coming already? That even the Hell's Lord's fancies were turning to thoughts of love?]

    "That's right. The orientation of this Lord here is perfectly normal."

    He was staring right at her and the corner of her mouth curled up into a devilish smile, and the hand on his underpants pulled down his underpants without any warning, his entire person standing stark naked at the side of the hot spring as he stared at the woman whose face changed drastically in shade, and his heart rose with a kind of unfathomable delight.

    "Damn! What a big bird!"

    Feng Jiu exclaimed in surprise, shouting out through instinct. But those words had just been spouted when she laughed sheepishly again, especially when she saw that the man was striding over to step into the hot spring, and her entire being tensed up nervously.

    A hand clasping at the light gauze shielding her curled up body, the other hand feeling up over the edge, probing for her own clothes. She intended to slip away from the back but the low voice that sounded right after made the hand she had stretched out freeze, and then helplessly retract it back.

    "If you intend to play hide and seek within the water with this Lord here, this Lord will be happy to oblige."

    The low voice sounded lazy as it reached her ears, but it drove Feng Jiu to grit her teeth in anger as she stared at the man immersed into the water and sitting with his arms stretched out wide at the sides, thinking that if she could, she really wanted to throw one good punch at him to give him a good thrashing.

    Seeing her curled up tightly about three meters away and looking so filled with anger but not daring to say it, the Hell's Lord's eyebrow lifted slightly, that handsome and stalwart countenance smudged with that devilish smile as his deep voice sounded out tinged with mirth.

    "Do you find this Lord's body to be satisfactory?"
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