206 Blissfully Amorous

    "Drape this Lord's outer robe on yourself to go back."

    The deep voice tinged with an imperceptible raspiness sounded out from behind her as a warm breath of air blew over her ear, making her ear tingle, feeling slightly ticklish. She lowered her head slightly to see a manly arm circling around her from behind, that strong arm wrapping her within it as a outer robe was draped on her body. From the front to back, her entire body was completely wrapped up.

    She did not turn her head back, her body slightly frozen. Not just because he had suddenly reached his arm around her to drape the outer robe on her, but more due to the fact that the body plastered against her..... was not wearing any clothes at all you know?

    "Erm, thanks."

    She quickly muttered, before walking out with hurried steps. This was the first time that someone had been so thuggish to her and she had to thank that person for it. How humiliating!

    Seeing her running away with highly flustered steps like she was running for her life, the corners of the Hell's Lord's mouth arced up, to smile delightedly.

    And when Shadow One who was standing guard outside the hot spring saw the figure walking hurriedly out from inside the hot spring, he could not help but blustered in wide eyed flabbergasted shock: "Why..... Why would you come out from inside there?"

    Feng Jiu merely glanced at him and without saying a word. She pulled the outer robe around her tight and then walked on towards her little courtyard.

    "My..... My Heavens! Am I seeing this correctly? Does he really have the Lord's outer robe draped around him?" Shadow One exclaimed in shock, as he stared after the figure disappearing into the darkness of night, almost wanting to dash into the hot spring to see what the situation was inside the hot spring. But, a barrier had been set up over the hot spring and he was not able to go in!

    Not long after, when he saw the Lord walking out wearing only his inner robe, Shadow One rushed forward in greeting, stuttering as he asked: "My..... My Lord, why had your subordinate seen..... seen the Ghost Doctor come..... come out from inside?"

    [Those two guys, couldn't possibly have been sharing a lovers' bath in there would they?]

    The Lord who was as good looking as a exiled deity, as formidable as a celestial being, would really share a lovers' bath with that frail weakling of a Ghost Doctor with a disfigured face? Just the image of that scene in his mind was causing a corner of his mouth to twitch, and he was unable to carry on with that thought any further.

    "Coincidentally, he was also inside soaking in the hot spring." The Hell's Lord said with a smile at the corners of his mouth, as he opened his stride to walk towards his courtyard.

    Shadow One looked up into the sky speechlessly. [Coincidental? Was it really a coincidence? The Lord had never come to bathe in the hot spring at such a time before.....]

    And seeing the Lord's face looking so amorous and blissful, he did not think that the Lord was completely without motive.....

    Upon returning back to the main courtyard, the Hell's Lord went into his room while Shadow One stood guard in the yard outside. But, his heart would not calm down and he was rather distracted as he stood guard, not even noticing it when Grey Wolf came up to stand right beside him.

    "Ay, why are you looking so out of sorts these past couple of days?" Grey Wolf asked a little puzzledly as he patted Shadow One on the shoulder.

    Shadow One glanced at him and initially did not want to tell it to him. But after thinking about a moment and casting his gaze upon the tightly shut door, he then suppressed his voice down into a whisper to ask: "Grey Wolf, in those few days when you stayed in the Clear Wind Tower, did you really see men go seek pleasure from the gigolos?"

    "I did!" Grey Wolf exclaimed as he nodded his head. Recalling that his abdominal muscles had even been stroked, goose bumps just popped up all over him.

    "Then how does a man and man..... do that?"

    "Why are you curious about that? Heh, why not you go talk to the Lord about it, to let you go widen your horizons at the Clear Wind Tower?" Grey Wolf said maliciously.

    Shadow One ignored the mockery and just said in distress: "I am very worried about the Lord now."

    "What do you mean?" Grey Wolf asked startled, not fully understanding.

    "Haven't you noticed that the Lord treats the Ghost Doctor very differently? Just earlier this night, they had even soaked themselves in the hot spring together in the mountain at the back. You didn't see it, but when the Lord came out from there, his face had blissful love written all over it! Haiz, I'm really afraid that something might happen if it continues on like this!"

    Shadow One then turned to face Grey Wolf and he saw Grey Wolf winking and blinking his eyes at him. Shadow One could not help but ask in bewilderment: "What's wrong with your eyes?"
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