207 A Secret Runaway!

    "Blissful love written all over?"

    From behind, when the deep and magnetic voice reached his ears, Shadow One's entire body froze when he saw Grey Wolf lower his head to stand there respectfully. He could not help but cursed inwardly with vehemence: [Where's the code of brotherhood! ? You don't even tell me that the Lord came!]

    Quickly turning himself around and seeing the Lord's face magnified right before his eyes, the corner of his mouth tugged stiffly as he addressed in greeting: "My.....My Lord."

    "Blissful love is written all over this Lord's face lately?" The Hell's Lord asked with frosty eyes, that piercingly sharp and chilling gaze falling upon Shadow One, driving a indescribable chill into his failing heart.

    "No, not at all." Grey Wolf's head lowered, a sorry sight.

    "This Lord seemed to have overheard that you are rather curious about men? Since that is the case, Grey Wolf. Throw Shadow One into the Clear Wind Tower to let him observe closely for three days." Upon saying that, the Hell's Lord turned around to go back into his room.

    "My Lord....."

    Shadow One's face was mournful as he cried out against the Hell's Lord's departing back: "Your subordinate is not interested in men at all and neither am I curious about them. Your subordinate doesn't want to go to the Clear Wind Tower....."

    "Heh heh heh, you can very well stop pleading already. The Lord never goes back on his word. Come come come, in the name of brotherhood, I will personally see you off. Ha ha ha!" Grey Wolf laughed out loud evilly at Shadow One's misfortune, patting him on the shoulder as he pulled Shadow One outside.

    Shadow One glared fiercely at Grey Wolf and said in rage: "Grey Wolf! You did that on purpose didn't you?"

    "I winked so hard so many times at you and you did not catch it! Who can you blame! ? Come on already, the Lord is already showing you lot more mercy. When I was thrown into the Clear Wind Tower before, I wasn't just made to observe. It's different for you this time as you just have to observe them closely so you won't ask questions like this anymore."

    And just like that, with Grey Wolf having returned only barely two days, Shadow One was sent to the Clear Wind Tower.....

    And all of this, had nothing to do with Feng Jiu in her courtyard whose mind was filled only with thoughts preparing her to run away.

    At noon the next day, Grey Wolf came to Feng Jiu's courtyard and went up to the door to knock: "Ghost Doctor."

    Inside the room, Feng Jiu opened the door and walked out. Seeing it was Grey Wolf, she asked a little puzzledly: "Something's the matter?" [This Grey Wolf actually still dares to come see her again? Isn't he afraid that she will administer her needles on him again?]

    "The Lord wants you to go share a meal with him." Grey Wolf said as he looked at the face smeared with that black and green glop, unable to understand why his Lord would want to ask this kid to go eat with him?

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu laughed sheepishly and said: "No need no need..... You just tell him that I have already eaten." The moment her voice fell, she immediately retreated back into the room and shut the door tight.

    Seeing that, Grey Wolf's brows creased up but did not dare to forcibly drag the person back, and hence he went back to report it to the Lord.

    In the main courtyard, after hearing Grey Wolf's report, the Hell's Lord's face darkened slightly as he thought: [This woman, was avoiding him!]

    Seeing that the colour of his Lord's face wasn't looking too pretty, Grey Wolf did not dare to say anything but just stood prim and proper at the side in guard.

    At that moment, a black robed cultivator then came in with hurried steps to bow in greeting on one knee before he said: "Your subordinate greets the Lord!"

    The Hell's Lord looked at him and asked: "Why have you returned?"

    "My Lord, your subordinate has managed to capture the person. He awaits for my Lord's interrogation."

    Hearing his words, the Hell's Lord deep eyes narrowed and he immediately stood up to say: "Lead the way!"

    And Feng Jiu who heard the news that the Lord was leaving the palace waited till it was evening after Old Lin finished taking stock of the herbs before she slipped the thousand year old ginseng into the space where thereafter, she then strutted herself right out, passing through the barrier array to leave the Medical Tower.....

    That night when the Hell's Lord came back, Old Lin came in in a hurry to report in a fluster: "My Lord! Disaster! Ghostly stole the thousand year old ginseng and has run away!"
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