428 He is Here

    At this point in time, the atmosphere in front of the Feng Residence main door was intense and a powerful spiritual energy emanated from the old man stood next to Nie Teng. The visible pressure that could be seen by the naked eye turned into a sharp wind blade and attacked Feng Jiu and others.

    Once the power of the old man surfaced, even the four Golden Core cultivators by Feng Jiu's side looked pale. Their bodies stiffened slightly as they looked at the old man in amazement.

    That was..... The power of a Nascent Soul cultivator!

    The first stage of cultivation was the Qi Condensation stage- the Spirit Cultivator, followed by the Spirit Master and Great Spirit Master. Most of the cultivators had to enter the Foundation Formation stage within a hundred years before they could be considered true Immortal Cultivators. Their longevity would then increase to two hundred years. The rank above the Foundation Formation stage would be the Golden Core. Those who were about to enter the Golden Core stage would have to undergo lightning tribulations.

    This was the deadly threshold to enter the realm of the Golden Core. If one were to succeed, one would become a Golden Core cultivator. The longevity would be increased by another hundred years. Needless to say one's power would be even greater than that of a Foundation cultivator. Out of a hundred people, at the most only one or two would be successful in entering the Golden Core. However, every year, many would attempt to enter the Golden Core stage and undergo the tribulations but die as a result.

    As for the Nascent Soul Stage, that was like a ten thousand in one chance of happening. That was the rank above the Golden Core. The longevity of the Nascent Soul cultivators were five hundred years. Their power was terrifying. It was said that with a wave of their hand, they could destroy a small country, a point of their finger could take the life of a Golden Core cultivator. They were absolutely terrifying and made people feel chilly in their bones.

    It was no wonder those four Golden Core cultivators faces changed, for surely even they did not expect that a six grade country such as Green Gallop would have a Nascent Soul Old Monster protecting the the Green Gallop Crown Prince. One could only assume that Green Gallop Crown Prince was of great importance to the Green Gallop ruler.

    "Move out of the way!"

    The old man's gloomy eyes were set upon the four Golden Core cultivators, as his sleeves brushed aside, a strong force flowed out and sent them flying.


    The four men spurted blood out. After they had been sent flying and crashed to the ground, they tried to get up, but they felt as if their bodies were being pushed down by a strong invisible force, as if they were being crushed under a huge boulder. Just a slight movement was painful and even if they wanted to stand, they could not stand back up.

    "Mistress you must leave at once! It's a Nascent Soul Old Monster!"

    Although the four men were seriously injured, they were still concerned about Feng Jiu who still stood there. Even though she was strong, she could only fight against the Golden Core cultivators. The Nascent Soul Old Monster was a rank above them, his power ten times stronger. If she were to fall into his hands...

    They began to recall that the Nascent Soul Old Monster had suggested to cripple their mistress earlier, their hearts sank as it was filled with dread.

    Upon hearing the words of the four men, the expressions of the people from Feng Residence and Geng Residence changed greatly. Nascent Soul Old Monster? That old man was actually a Nascent Soul Old Monster?

    "It's over. This time it is really over for the Feng Family. If it were the Golden Core peak that was still ok. But it is a Nascent Soul Old Monster....." Old Geng Family Patriarch muttered with a worried expression on his face. He was afraid that even if he fought with his life, he would not be able to protect these people from the Nascent Soul Old Monster!

    At this time, Nie Teng spoke up. His silent penetrating gaze was upon the beautiful woman in the red dress as he spoke in a low voice: "Woman, you should have known from the start there was never a choice. You were always meant to be my woman."

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and was just about to speak when she heard a low and familiar magnetic voice. Upon hearing the voice, she only felt a sense of guilty conscience, and there was an impulse to even hide it immediately.
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