209 I’m Just Asking For Directions!


    From the top of the slope she rolled down to the bottom and she only stopped when she crashed into a tree. The pain made her grunt and she laid upon the ground for awhile, unable to even get up.

    It was only after moments passed that she blew out a breath as she laid there on the ground to look up into the sky, thinking that it had not been easy for her to escape from that place, the Hell's Palace.

    It was only when she managed to escape from the Hell's Palace's barrier array that she realized that the place was surrounded by mountains on three sides, and only one side provided an exit. But since she was running away from the place, it was only natural that she could not take that route and hence, she had climbed the mountain which took her the entire night where she passed through more than ten barrier arrays and a enchanted boundary before she got here.

    Fortunately, her mystical powers that had been sealed had been broken and released with her using her spirit powers or she could very well have been recaptured.

    After resting for a while, she got up and looked around at the surroundings, following her instinct as she seeked a direction to walk towards, thinking to first contact Leng Shuang after she gets out from this place, so that she could stop worrying after having received no news from her for so long.

    But, what she had not considered was that she didn't even know where she was at all, and the fact that every scene that greeted her after that was so horrifying that it stunned her quite a bit.....

    If she was to be raised straight up into the skies at that moment, she would then see that the spot she was at was fully surrounded by dense forests stretching for miles and miles. Thinking of walking out from them? Heh, without spending seven to eight days at least, one needn't even think about it.

    Walking all alone within the forest, she looked to her left and peered at her right, thinking that the place felt a little strange. She found that there would be a colourful little flag placed intermittently at various places and there would be a barrier array after every stretch of road, some of them even with danger set up within, with some being merely mystifying maze arrays.

    "Strange, what kind of a place is this?"

    She mumbled to herself as she walked when suddenly, she saw in front of her two youths holding each other up as they sat panting heavily under a tree. Her eyes immediately lit up and she took quick steps forward to say: "These two Young Masters, may I ask....."

    Before she could even finish her sentence, the two people had immediately upon hearing her voice jumped right up and went running away from her without even casting a single glance her way.

    She was startled for a moment. She had already been walking for a good half of the day before she came finally across these two people. No matter what, she must not allow them to escape. Hence, she went after them in chase as she shouted: "Ay! Young Master! There's no need to run! I am merely asking for directions!"

    However, it might not be so bad had she not shouted. Upon hearing her shout, the two people ran even faster!

    "Whew! What's going on! ?" She blew out a breath as her brows creased up, staring at the two figures. She did not pursue them that closely, but merely just followed behind them without rushing herself, as she thought: [Just following them would finally lead her out of this place wouldn't it?]

    But, though she was not anxious, she had driven the two young men to almost suffer a mental breakdown.

    "Which sect is that person from! ? Why is he still following us after chasing us for so long! ? What could he possibly want! ?"

    One of them was completely bathed in sweat from running, his face contorted in panic. When he turned his head back and saw that red figure approximately thirty meters away nonchalantly following behind them, he could not help but cry out mournfully.

    "Huff puff! I can't run anymore! Even if I have to die!" The other slightly plumper youth screamed out, plopping himself right onto the ground as he glared at Feng Jiu behind him and then went on to shout: "Which sect are you from! ? Isn't it enough that you've followed us for so long already! ?"

    Seeing that they were not running anymore, Feng Jiu quickened her steps to go over to them, her mouth splitting into a grin as she looked at the two highly wary young men and said: "I am just someone trying to ask for directions. What are the two of you running away for?"

    "Wh..... What? Ask..... Asking for directions?"

    The two men were stunned and they stared at Feng Jiu in flabbergasted surprise before they asked her: "Asking for what directions! ? Don't you know where this place is! ?"
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