210 Stumbled Into Rigorous Training Grounds

    "What is this place?"

    Feng Jiu looked at them quizzically: "I only saw that there were colourful little flags in this forest and that I am still unable to get out of here after having walked a good half of the day. What kind of a cursed place is this?"

    Hearing those words, the two people finally believed that he was really just wanted to ask for directions. The slightly plumper young man then stared at him and his voice was tinged with displeasure as he said: "I'll say Brother, you really have been too much. You chased us for half a day just to ask for directions? And you scared us both half to death!"

    "Oh..... So, what is this place exactly? Why did you just pick up your legs to run immediately upon seeing me?" Feng Jiu asked, in incomprehension.

    "This is a place where highly rigorous training is carried out. Within this forest, there are three different sects, together with the notorious felons and unorthodox cultivators the Starry Cloud Academy have captured throughout the years. We are cultivators from one of the sects and just like the other sects and cultivators from the Starry Cloud Academy, we are here to undergo rigorous training."

    "Then what were you running for?" Feng Jiu asked, lifting up an eyebrow. [This is a place for rigorous training? No wonder she had encountered so many barrier arrays earlier, and that protective boundary array.]

    If she did not have her Space Ring with her, she might not have been able to get past that boundary array.

    "It's all because of those damned cultivators from that Elegant Splendour Sect! They have given in to looting and murder!"

    The rotund one said angrily, his face contorted in rage. "Several fellow disciples from our sect were originally travelling together with them and we managed to kill quite a number of demonic beasts and devilish felons along the way, receiving quite a haul from our share after splitting the loot. But those scoundrels had actually become overcome with greed and they violated the agreement between the sects and the academy, saying that no one will ever know once we're silenced. Those damned scoundrels! When I get out of here, I will definitely report it to our Reverend Master to seek justice for us!"

    "Wow!" Feng Jiu nodded her head, indicating that she understood before she went on to ask: "And you guys still have not told me how to get out of this place?"

    "It's not that easy to get out from here." The two young men said dejectedly: "This place has a boundary array set up and it is impossible for outsiders to come in, nor to get out from inside....."

    The moment their voices fell, the two of them seemingly seemed to realize it as they looked at Feng Jiu in shock. "How did you come in here? You are not from the sects and neither are you from the academy. You're not an cultivator of devilry nor a felon as well, so how did you come in?"

    Feng Jiu rubbed at her chin and thought about it before she glanced at the two people and said: "I'll tell you guys the truth! I am actually a student of the Starry Cloud Academy but because I accidentally offended someone, I was ambushed and knocked unconscious before being thrown into this place. That is why I do not even know where I am at all."

    "You are a student of the Starry Cloud Academy?" The slightly thinner young man asked with his face creased up with suspicion. "Then why are you not wearing the Starry Cloud Academy's uniform?"

    Feng Jiu rolled her eyes and then said in a highly helpless tone: "I already told you I was knocked out and dumped in here. How could I possibly be wearing my uniform?"

    The two young men were also not exactly clear about how things within the Starry Cloud Academy was really like, but after hearing him say that, they considered the fact that the boundary array set over this place was not something that outsiders could possibly barge through, they started to believe that the situation must have been as what the youth had said, that he had offended someone and ended up being thrown in here. Hence, the two young men then exchanged a glance with each other, deciding not to probe any further.

    The fatty looked at Feng Jiu and then said: "To get out of here, we need to accumulate one thousand experience points. Seeing the state you are in, I am guessing that you do not even have your experience jade badge."

    Feng Jiu was groping completely blindly here as she really did not know a thing about these sects or academies and whatnots. Hence, upon hearing the fatty say that, she could not help but ask curiously: "How do I accumulate points? And what does it have to do with the experience jade badge?"

    Upon hearing Feng Jiu ask that, the corners of the two young men's mouth twitched as they looked at the youth. "I'll say Brother, you don't even know about this. Could you possibly be a member of the Starry Cloud's lowest grade Green Shirts?"
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