212 Turned Around to Become Enemies

    "I had not thought that we would meet again so soon!"

    The man said with his arms crossed over his chest, his gaze staring at Fatty and Chen Xue Hai gaugingly. Seeing that their faces had turned slightly pale and the terror in their eyes undisguised, he could not help but reveal a highly sinister smile.

    "Looks like you've realized that you are not able to escape this time. It's true anyway, with just the powers of the two of you at the peak level of a Spirit Master, how can hope to be a match for us! ?"

    "If you let us go here, we can give you everything we have on us, and we guarantee that we will not say a word of this to anyone." Chen Xue Hai said with forced calm.


    The few of them threw their heads back in laughter and the one girl with a voluptuous figure among them glanced at the two of young men to say: "After we've killed you, everything upon your bodies would still be ours and moreover, only dead men carry no tales."

    "Mm, that's true, that's true." The leader then stretched his hand out, to wrap the woman into his embrace as he stared at the two men whose faces had turned an ugly shade. His eyes then flash with a dark glint before he said: "But, I could still offer you guys a way out."

    His voice paused a moment, as he saw the two young men look at him with hopeful gazes. He then smiled evilly as he said: "If one of you kill the other, then, I can allow the surviving one to leave, and would not pursue him any longer. What do you think of that?"

    When Feng Jiu at the side heard that, her eyebrow lifted slightly as her gaze swept fleetingly over the malicious figure before turning to look at Fatty and Chen Xue Hai. She herself was curious to know how those two would choose under such circumstances.

    "Do not even think of driving a wedge between us! We will not let you have it your way!" Fatty roared angrily, his tightly clenched fists surging with spirit energy from within his body. Regardless that he clearly knew he would not win, he would still put up a fight!

    However, the malicious man's words had stirred a ripple in Chen Xue Hai's heart. Maybe he knew that he was doomed to die, so he slid his hand up to his hip as he struggled with himself deep in his heart. He looked over at the man named Lee and his eyes met with Lee's encouraging eyes. He then clenched his jaws and through tightly gritted teeth he shouted.

    "Fatty! I've let you down!"

    At the same moment that the voice sounded, he pulled out the dagger at his hip and thrust it viciously straight towards the back of Fatty who had turned around to say something to Feng Jiu.


    A cry of surprise came out from Fatty's mouth. He was pulled away by Feng Jiu and his entire body lost balance as he went falling forward, to crash onto the ground.

    That scene, had not only shocked Fatty into stunned speechlessness, even Chen Xue Hai who had thrust out his dagger was stunned. He stared in startled astonishment at the red clothed Feng Jiu before him and his lips stiffened. He gritted his teeth and with a wave of his dagger, he leapt forward once more towards to stab at Fatty who had fallen to the ground.

    Seeing that, Feng Jiu lifted an eyebrow and a corner of her mouth curled up as she said: "Even if you killed Fatty, they will not let you off."

    Fatty had regained his senses by then. Seeing his fellow comrade holding a dagger and thrusting it towards him, his face was one of sorrow and disappointment. "Ah Hai! How can you do this! ?" Although angry and seated upon the ground, he raised up a foot in a kick. The leg of that kick was imbued with spirit power which threw Chen Xue Hai back a few steps.

    Having consecutively failed twice to kill Fatty, Chen Xue Hai's humiliation turned to rage as he turned to glare at Feng Jiu. Seemingly having lost his senses, he roared loudly as he leapt straight towards Feng Jiu who was standing there with his arms folded across his chest like none of this concerned him.

    "It's all your fault! I'll kill you!"
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