213 Turns Out An Old Hand

    The expressions of the several people on the other side were ones waiting to watch a great show and when Fatty saw Chen Xue Hai lunging, he was greatly startled as he quickly climbed to his feet to shout: "Ah Hai! Stop it!"

    [That little Feng Jiu is a newbie just starting out. How could he possibly be a match for a peak level Spirit Master like Ah Hai?]

    Thinking about that, he was just thinking to jump forward to stop him when the scene that unfolded next shocked him so badly his jaw almost fell to the ground.

    Feng Jiu arched up an eyebrow as she glanced with a indiscernible smile at Chen Xue Hai who had gone from humiliation to rage. Seeing the dagger shrouded with spirit power being thrust straight towards her, she did not dodge nor avoided it at all but just stood there. Just as the dagger was plunging viciously down, she was seen to merely just raise a hand lightly, to grasp upon the opponent's arm and pull it downwards.



    A gasp followed by a cry of agony sounded out, tearing through the air and reaching the ears of the people there. That sharp crack of bone breaking and seeing Chen Xue Hai standing up on tiptoes with his body leaning to one side with an expression of agony on his face caused everyone to turn to stare at the red clothed youth in shock and amazement.

    When their eyes met that highly nonchalant gaze filled with such underlying chilling murder, terror leapt into all their hearts as heart piercing ice shot up from the bottom of their feet to their hearts, causing a shiver to run through their bodies.

    "Why would you want to kill me?"

    Feng Jiu's nonchalant tone and words were tinged with cold as her half narrowed clear gaze fell upon the face of the young man that had contorted up in pain. "Although I am a newbie who is just starting out, but, wanting to kill me will still not be such an easy task you know?"


    The lips of the people standing on the side stiffened as they stepped backwards slowly, their eyes watching the red clothed youth warily while thinking to themselves: [The newbie is able to hold down a peak level Spirit Master with just one hand? You've got to be kidding, if that was a newbie, they'll sooner slit their own necks.]

    "Oww! Ooh....."

    Chen Xue Hai was wallowing under the excruciating pain. He wanted to struggle free but found that he was unable to escape from the grip the youth had on his hand, to the extent that the moment he moved, the bone in his arm would further become dislodged, causing him to break out further in cold sweat.

    At that moment, he suddenly came to realize something that they had overlooked all this time.

    [The youth had been able to keep up with them unwaveringly chasing them for such a long time, how could he possibly be a newbie? It could very well be that his powers were far above theirs!]

    [That's right! That must be the case! Otherwise, why were they unable to see through his level of cultivation?]

    At that moment, he deeply regretted his actions. Maybe, if he had not done this, the youth might just extend help to them at the most critical juncture. But now.....

    "Little Jiu, I've realized my mistake! Can you let me off this time! ? I was muddle headed and it was just a momentary lapse of judgement, can you forgive me?"

    He endured the piercing pain in his arm as he quickly begged, and then turning to the equally shocked Fatty: "Fatty! Fatty! I really didn't mean it! I was just confused earlier! Fatty! Help me plead for mercy will you?"

    Fatty took a deep breath to calm himself down and he was just about to speak when he heard Feng Jiu's cold voice sounding out.

    "Against people who seek to have me killed, I do not show any mercy."

    The moment that voice fell, the chests of everyone there suddenly constricted when they saw the figure in red clasp his hand with a strange technique over Chen Xue Hai's throat, and a crisp and sharp crack then sounded, crushing the life out of him.....

    Seeing Chen Xue Hai falling to the ground without even being able to scream out at all, Fatty gulped heavily, his face fearful.


    [This..... This is the person he said was a newbie? He is obviously an old hand at this!]
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