217 Lord Jiu, Run! Quick!

    Xiang Hua's face was dark as he gave Feng Jiu a glance, before striding away to leave.

    And this time, Feng Jiu did not call out to stop him, but just watched him stride off, where after awhile, he disappeared into the forest.....

    "Little Jiu?"

    As he had waited for quite a long while over there, and he could no longer hear any commotion, Fatty then decided to come in to have a look. When he saw the dead bodies of the devilry cultivators lying on the ground, he was rather startled as he asked: "You killed them?"

    "Nope. The person who killed them has left." Feng Jiu said with a shrug of her shoulders. Seeing that the robe of one of the devilry cultivators looked rather bloated, she could not help but went up to take a look. She discovered that the thing hidden within his robe was not anything else, but an egg that was slightly bigger than a fist.

    "What kind of an egg is this? There's even runes on it?" She peered closely at it, but was not able to understand anything about them.

    Fatty took it from her to have a look and then said: "This is a demon beast egg. Actually, why would there be a demon beast egg?"

    And at that moment, a rustling sound was heard. The two people turned to look around them and when their gazes met with the sight of that enormous large python that was almost six meters long, even Feng Jiu's face was stunned and wary.

    "Argh! That is a seventh grade Enormous Python! Quick! Run!"

    The moment her voice fell, she picked her legs up and ran. But she had run over twenty meters away when she saw Fatty still standing there while carrying the egg and she shouted: "Fatty! Quick! Hurry up and run!"

    "I..... I..... I can't move!"

    Hearing his voice tinged with sobs, Feng Jiu then noticed that he was trembling all over, his legs shaking so badly like anything, with him just standing there to see the enormous serpent slithering forward.

    "Damn it!"

    Feng Jiu cursed in a low voice. She had thought that that fella had guts! Who knew that he would be so overwhelmed with terror to just tremble uncontrollably upon seeing a seventh grade Enormous Python, unable to even run away from it.

    Seeing the python extending its jaws and lunging towards him, Feng Jiu gritted her teeth and summoned the mystical powers within to leap forward and drag him with her as she ran.

    'Hiss! Hisssss!'

    However, that was a seventh grade Enormous Python afterall and its speed was on par with that of a cultivator in the Golden Core stage. If it was only Feng Jiu alone, it would be fine, but she had to be dragging a Fatty behind her, which greatly slowed her down.

    "Hoo..... It..... It's catching up....."

    Fatty began to scream out in terror. Everytime that python coiled itself up to leap forward, its large gaping jaws would come lunging straight at him, missing him by just a little bit every single lunge, frightening him so badly that his body was falling limp, cold sweat spilling out from him.

    If not for Feng Jiu grabbing him by his collar and dragging him along as she ran, he could very well have already become the enormous python's snack.

    'Crash! Bam bam!'

    'Hiss! Hissss!'

    The snake's body struck against the ground, making loud crashing noises and causing the ground to shake and tremble. The seventh grade demon beast's oppressive aura was fully released, and the lower grade demon beasts nearby were running away in a scatter. The colour on the faces of some disciples from the different sects and students of the Starry Cloud's immediately changed when they heard the loud commotion.

    "With such a big commotion, could it be that seventh grade demon beast, the Imperial Saint Python?"

    "Damn it! Who could have gone and provoked that seventh grade Imperial Saint Python? That's a seventh grade demon beast with powers equivalent to a Golden Core cultivator! Aren't they courting death?"

    The people who heard the commotion all tried to stay away, afraid that they would meet with the seventh grade Imperial Saint Python.

    And on the other side, Feng Jiu and Fatty who were being pursued by the Imperial Saint Python were in a rather bad situation.....


    The sound of clothes tearing was heard and the cloth on his arm was torn out by a huge piece, to reveal the fair flesh underneath, terrifying his heart to constrict and jump up as his gulped and screamed: "Little Jiu, Big Brother Jiu, Lord Jiu, faster, run faster!"

    Just a bit slower, and his jiggly behind would have burst in bloom.....
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