218 Battling the Enormous Python

    Feng Jiu was becoming doggedly tired from dragging Fatty behind her as she ran. As she ran, she shouted: "Fatty, hurry up and throw that egg to return it to that python! Quickly!" With the python chasing them all this way for so long, one did not need to even think to know that the problem lay with that egg clasped in Fatty's arms.

    "Oh oh! Alright!" Fatty replied frantically, as he quickly threw the egg he held in his hands towards the enormous serpent hot on their heels behind them, shouting out: "Take it back!"

    But in the very next moment, his entire being was stunned speechless.

    Feng Jiu only heard a cracking sound and she turned her head back in flabbergasted astonishment to see the egg smashed into pieces upon the ground, the snake's egg that had not even formed up turned into a white and yellow gooey mess.....

    "Fatty you idiot!"

    They saw the enormous serpent's body freeze in that instant, its head lowering down to sniff at the smashed egg a little. It then suddenly raised its head, its vicious and savage eyes turning blood red, and with a swoosh, it went straight in pursuit of the two of them, its speed several times faster than earlier.


    Fatty was suddenly feeling highly unwell. The snake opened its jaws and snapped, and his body stiffened, afraid that he would be bitten and swallowed right into its belly.

    Realizing that continuing to run like this would not solve anything, Feng Jiu gritted her teeth and used the forward momentum to fling Fatty further forward as she shouted: "Quick! Run!"

    Fatty could feel a force of wind pushing him forward, moving him more than ten meters further in an instant. He did not allow himself to stop when he landed, picking his legs up to run as fast as he could, shouting without even turning his head: "Little Jiu, quick! Run!"

    Feng Jiu's gaze fell upon a huge tree in front. Without Fatty, her speed was a lot faster. Hence, she summoned her Qi and shot forward speedily, to then leap off the ground to step off a tree branch as she flipped herself back in a somersault, to fly straight towards the enormous python that was in hot pursuit of Fatty.

    She fell from high up in the air to land upon the slippery body of the enormous python, and pulling out her dagger, she stabbed viciously downwards!

    'Hiss! Hissss!'

    The enormous snake's blood red eyes flashed with a savage glint, and it flicked its long serpentine body, twisting its bulk to surge straight towards Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu saw the tail of the snake sweeping towards her and she was about to leap away when the snake's body she was on suddenly lurched, that caused her to slip, and her body to become caught, the snake's thick body wound tightly around her.


    A six meter long huge python, the kind of strength the snake's body possessed was truly terrifyingly powerful. With the slightest tightening of the snake's body coiled around her, Feng Jiu immediately lost all her power to move, the bones in her entire body compressed, like they were almost about to be crushed. That highly suffocating feeling, and that helplessness so filled with the scent of death, made her clearly aware once again, that she was still too weak.

    "Little Jiu!"

    Fatty who had managed to get away came running back, his hands gathered with flames as he attacked the enormous python. When the enormous python saw him, it was like it had just seen the killer that murdered its father, its blood red eyes shining with savagery, it opened its jaws wide to lunge straight at him.

    Feng Jiu was already slightly dazed from suffocation and she could feel cold sweat spilling out from her body. However, when she heard Fatty's voice, and saw that he was leaping left and right to try to attract the enormous python's attention, she forced herself to come to her senses. Her hands and legs were bound and she could not move them, so she opened her mouth and chomped her teeth right onto the snake's body, with every ounce of strength she could summon. She felt a warmth and the thick stench of snake's blood fill her mouth and she swallowed it straight down, not wanting to release her bite.


    The enormous python hissed out in pain, tightening the coils around her and seeking to crush her to death. However, the pain and blood upon its body surged and it could not help but hiss in rage as it flicked its tail to fling Feng Jiu away.

    Feng Jiu picked herself up while still in the air, gathering herself with a flip of her body. She lifted the dagger that shone with a cold glint in her hand, and aiming it at the "seven inch" vital, together with the momentum as she fell in descent, she plunged the dagger viciously down.....
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