220 Face Restored!

    In the Rigorous Training Forest, Fatty led Feng Jiu to the place with the water source, which in fact, was just a small stream hidden behind a clump of shrubbery.

    "Little Jiu, here it is. We can just take a quickly bathe ourselves here and change out of our clothes." Fatty said as he went on to begin to take his clothes off.

    Seeing that, Feng Jiu turned her eyes away and said: "Then you should just bathe yourself here! I'm going upstream." Immediately upon saying that, she went walking upstream.

    Fatty was stunned a moment before he then complained: "You're going upstream? Wouldn't that mean that I'll be washing myself with water you've bathed in?"

    "I'm not bathing, but just washing my face and changing my clothes." Feng Jiu replied, and then turning her head back once more with a glance to continue to say: "And you are not to follow me."

    "Eh..... Alright!"

    Although puzzled, he did not follow, but went back to the little stream to quickly wash himself. Afterall, it was not safe in such a place.

    Feng Jiu probed for any auras in the surrounding area and seeing that there was no one, she then stripped off the blood stained red clothes and changed into a clean set before she came back to the stream to scoop up water to wash her face, cleaning off the salve upon it, to reveal her original contenance.

    Using the surface of the water that was so clear one could see the stream bed as a mirror, she could see the reflection of that countenance of peerless beauty, the snow white skin crystal clear and glowing with an enchanting sheen. The scars that had been on that face had completely disappeared without a single trace left, leading to the emergence of such a flawless countenance so breathtakingly and peerlessly beautiful.

    The person in the reflection then curled her mouth up in a faint smile, a smile that was three parts devilishly charming and seven parts wilful, complimenting the clear dark glint of the eyes perfectly, which made the entire person look to possess an extraordinary and uniquely noble air.

    Although Su Ruo Yun had carried Feng Qing Ge's countenance in the past, but she was afterall not the real deal. Even when their looks had been the same, the demeanor and the air they carried were not the same.

    And it was different for Feng Jiu. Carrying that face did not give people the feeling of any disharmony or discordance in the slightest, because in her past life, this had been her original countenance, a face that she could not be any more familiar with.

    Having changed into a set of clean red clothes and her face washed, she felt entirely refreshed anew, and her mood lightened up to become more cheerful as well.

    She took out a waterskin from the space and was filling it up when she heard Fatty's voice sounding out from behind her.

    "Little Jiu, are you done yet?"

    "I'm done."

    She answered, as she put the water skin back into the space before standing up to turn around to look at Fatty and say: "Let's go!"

    At that moment when Fatty say her, he could not help but widen his eyes, his face frozen in shock. "You..... You are Little Jiu?" [Why was it with just a change of clothes and washing out his face, he had seemed to become an entirely different person?]

    "Have you been shocked by me? Hahaha!" Feng Jiu guffawed as she looked at Fatty, and then said to poke fun at him: "This is how handsome and suave I am. There is no need to envy as envy won't help you at all."

    Hearing that, Fatty instead heaved a sigh of relief and patted his chest as he exclaimed: "You nearly scared me out of my life! I had thought that you're a girl!"

    Feng Jiu smiled slyly, and felt her own face slightly narcissistically before she said: "Mm, quite a number of people have said that when they saw this face of mine."

    The moment her voice fell, she turned to look at Fatty and thought deeply a moment before she asked: "I have enough experience points now and I can get out of here once I crushed the jade badge. What about you? What do you intend to do?"

    "You..... You are going to leave this place?"

    "Mm. I still have business to take care of and cannot stay here for too long." Feng Jiu replied with a nod of her head.

    Hearing that, Fatty thought about it a moment before he said with a very serious face: "Then you should leave first! I still do not have enough experience points and although this place is filled with dangers, I cannot avoid them forever or else it will surely grow to become my inner demon on my journey in the cultivation of Immortality. I must overcome it here and accumulate enough experience points before I leave."
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