221 Unusual Change

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu patted him on the shoulder and said: "Then you take care, and may we meet again."

    "Mm, you too." Fatty split into a grin and then said: "Little Jiu, it was great I met you."

    "Hold this. You might be able to use it." She smiled at Fatty, and tossed a bottle of medicine to him.

    "What is this?"

    Fatty asked in surprise and at the moment he opened it to look inside, Feng Jiu had already crushed the white jade badge and a light shone out from the jade badge to coil around her entire person as it brought her out.

    Leaving Fatty alone behind to grasp the medicine bottle in excitement, his eyes wide with incredulity. "Wow! It's third grade medicine!"

    And Feng Jiu at that moment, as the light faded away, found herself appearing upon a clear expanse of land. Once she found herself standing firmly, she saw several elderly people coming over to crowd around her from the surrounding area, who stared at her as they measured her up.

    "Which sect are you a disciple of?"

    The four elderly people were from the three sects and the Starry Cloud Academy respectively and when they saw that a disciple who held a jade badge suddenly gaining a thousand experience points at one go, they knew that that person must have encountered the seventh grade enormous python.

    But, among the disciples sent in there for the rigorous training, their powers were completely inadequate to take on that seventh grade enormous python. So, they had wondered who could have killed that enormous python?

    Harbouring suspicion in their hearts, they had gathered here to wait. Finally, when that person crushed the jade badge and was sent out here, they saw the completely unfamiliar youth appearing at the spot.

    Seeing the youth for the first time, all the elderly ones could not help but inwardly heap praise upon the youth in their hearts, thinking to themselves: [What an outstanding young lad!]

    With a wilful and extravagant aura, seemingly possessing an innate regal demeanor, and that slightly devilish tint in his countenance, so highly handsome. A character like that, would be very rarely seen, even in sects and academies like theirs.

    Seeing the four elderly ones staring and gauging her, Feng Jiu smiled and her gaze changed slightly as she said: "I..... just accidentally stumbled in there."

    With teachers from the three sects and the Starry Cloud Academy here together, she could naturally no longer impersonate herself as one of their people.

    "Stumbled in?"

    The brows of the four elderly ones creased up, and then said in no uncertain terms: "That is not possible!" Not only was the perimeter of the rigorous training grounds set with barriers, there were also boundary barriers! Seeing that the lad was merely a Spirit Master level cultivator, how could he possibly have stumbled into the place accidentally?

    "Why is it impossible? Didn't I just come out from there?" Feng Jiu said, and then opened up her stride wanting to leave. However, she had just taken two steps when the colour on her face changed slightly, and she immediately broke out in cold sweat.

    The elderly ones had actually wanted to block him off but they suddenly saw that the lad was reacting strangely. The four of them exchanged a glance among themselves where finally, it was the elderly one from the Starry Cloud Academy who asked: "Are you alright?"

    The intense aura surging up within her body was causing her face to become paler and paler. The aura that charged so recklessly within her meridians made her feel like cursing out aloud.

    [Damn it! It must be that seventh grade enormous python that was up to no good!]

    Immediately, she could not afford to care about anything else but quickly sat down in a half lotus position to regulate the maniacally surging aura inside her body.

    The four elderly ones could see that an intense aura had risen to surge within the lad's body, his face turning from white to red intermittently. The elderly one from the Starry Cloud Academy stroked at his beard and then seemingly realizing something, he said: "The aura emanating from his body is mingled with the enormous python's Blood Qi, and his aura within his body is raging. He must have swallowed the enormous python's blood."

    "What? Swallowed the seventh grade enormous python's blood? Could that be possible? Even a Foundation cultivator would die by his body exploding if one drank the blood of that seventh grade enormous python! The lad here is just a Spirit Master cultivator in the initial levels, if he had really swallowed the blood of that seventh grade demon beast, his body would already have exploded and he would not live!"

    The other three elderly ones did not believe it as such a situation had never occurred before.
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