222 Incredulous Advancemen

    The elderly man from the academy did not say anything but just stroked at his beard as he looked at the red clothed youth, measuring him, his wise gaze thoughtful, seemingly considering something in his mind.

    Seated in a half lotus position, Feng Jiu led the maniacally surging aura inside her body towards the dantian below the navel. The aura was highly ferocious and intense, bloating her meridians almost to the point of erupting with its surge. The meridians under her skin throbbed and bulged, intermittently rising and falling as it surged.

    Perspiration poured out from her, the colour of her face changing between white and red, the agonizing pain coming from within her body almost knocking her unconscious from being unable to hold it in. But she knew at that moment, that if she was unable to contain it, she might very well be finished.

    The four elderly ones crowded around the youth and watched, and one of them then said incredulously: "I had not thought that this youth would be able to last till now after having swallowed the blood of a seventh grade enormous python. But with the blood's Qi roiling in surge now, I'm afraid he will not be able to hold out anymore."

    "It's hard to say. The fact that this youth had lasted to now, is enough to show that he is not any ordinary character." The elderly one from the academy stroked at his beard and then continued to say: "We should set up a protective array for him now! If he is able to pull through, his powers will definitely increase by leaps and bounds!"

    Hearing that, the other three elderly ones nodded their heads in agreement, and sat themselves down a short distance away, to set up a protective array for the red clothed youth.

    As time gradually passed, one of the elderly ones saw that the red clothed youth's spirit powers in his body was shooting up at an alarming rate, he could not help but cry out softly.

    "Look! He has really advanced in level!"

    "Shh! It's still increasing! At the Spirit Master's third level and still showing no signs of slowing!"

    The hearts of the four of them were shocked and just a short moment later, they saw that the youth's Spirit Master level advancing from the fourth level to the fifth!

    "How..... how come his advancement looks to be so easy? Just where had this youth come from?"

    The few of them were speechless with amazement. It must be known that cultivation of spirit power is not the same as the cultivation of mystical powers. Many cultivators were not even able to breakthrough to the Grand Spirit Master stage their entire lives to become a Foundation cultivator and only by becoming a Foundation cultivator could one be considered to be a cultivator of Immortality, to gain for themselves a two hundred year lifespan.

    And among every hundred Grand Sword Masters, only one or two of them would be able to successfully advance at most. To enter into the Golden Core stage from Foundation, it would be almost one in ten thousand, an encounter that one would be blessed with and not forcibly sought.

    Some cultivators were already past a hundred years in age but they were only at the Grand Spirit Master stage but for this youth, at such a young tender age in his mere teens, his advancement was happening like a springboard, rising up level by level like this, how could they be expected to not be shocked by it?

    Under the incredulous gazes of the four elderly ones, the red clothed youth sat there in his spot in the half lotus position for an entire three days and nights, his powers rising up a level by level in quick succession. It could be due to the fact that they had stared at the youth for three days and nights, but the four elderly ones were seemingly unable to recover their senses from their astonishment at the almost maniacal speed of the youth's advancement through the power levels.

    Throughout the three days and nights, they had not slept not rested, but just stared unwaveringly with their eyes wide at the red clothed youth, thinking the same thought deep within their hearts.

    No matter which sect this youth belonged to, they would have to do everything they could to poach him over into their sect!

    "Look..... He..... he has advanced again....."

    One of the elderly ones gulped, his eyes absolutely shining with unbridled excitement as he stared at the red clothed youth. That gaze, looking just like one who had not eaten for ten days or a fortnight and was staring at a slab of fat juicy meat, wishing that he could pounce forward and snatch the youth up to bring back to their sect.

    "Oi! He..... he is shooting straight for the Grand Spirit Master stage!"

    With his eyes bulging wide, the face of the elderly one from the academy was filled with incredulity. In the span of three days and three nights, this red clothed youth had actually advanced nine whole levels from the Spirit Master's first level, and was now even charging towards the Grand Spirit Master stage! This..... this was just completely maniacal!
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