223 Specially Recruited Pupil

    As the spirit energy in Feng Jiu's body continued to surge, the spirit power then exploded outwards, to form a thick and intense flare of spirit aura around her body.

    And in the next moment, the swirling spirit aura was then completely retracted back into her body. As time passed, the spirit energies inside her body then gradually settled down, the spirit aura dissipating, like the scene before had not happened at all.

    But her spirit power level, had leaped in one single bound to reach the cultivation of a third level Grand Spirit Master!

    Feng Jiu blew out a breath lightly, and then slowly opened her eyes. Delightful brilliance was overflowing in her eyes, and at that moment, she felt that what she could see with her eyes had all become different. Moreover, her ears could even clearly hear the tiny sounds of the little insects around, her entire body feeling a continuous wave of spirit energy revolving within her body, that felt extremely comfortable.

    Her gaze then looked towards the four elderly people seated in four different directions from her, and seeing them all staring dazedly at her, Feng Jiu could not help but reveal a smile on her face.

    With a flick of her robe, she sat up straight on the ground, to clasp a hand over her fist to greet the four elderly ones as she said in a clear voice: "I thank the four Seniors for erecting a protection array for this lowly junior."

    If not for the protective array from the four of them, throughout these three days and nights, it could not be predicted what might have happened. Afterall, if one was disrupted while his cultivation was advancing into another level, the consequences would be unthinkable!

    Hearing that, the four elderly one then quickly snapped back to their senses, and they immediately strode with wide steps over to Feng Jiu to say: "Young man, would you be interested to join our Origin Sect?"

    "Young man, join our Elegant Splendour Sect instead!"

    "Joining our Green City Sect is better!"

    "It's best for you to come to the Starry Cloud Academy! This old man can make you a specially recruited pupil."

    The four elderly ones strove to outdo the others as they spoke, afraid that the prize would be snatched away if they were too slow.

    Hearing their words, Feng Jiu was rather taken aback in surprise and she went on to say with a laugh: "I am deeply honoured that my Seniors here think so highly of me, but your junior still has some pending business on hand and I do not have any intention of joining any sects at this moment."

    Seeing the brows of the four people furrowing up, Feng Jiu's eyes glinted and she continued to say: "But your junior has been thinking to enrol myself into the Starry Cloud Academy to further my cultivation, and have been waiting for the time the Starry Cloud Academy opens up for enrollment to go register myself."

    Upon hearing those words, the other three elderly ones could not help but be disappointed, but they knew that the Starry Cloud, being a very famous academy in the Green Gallop Country, was an establishment their sects could never hope to even compare to. Many cultivators and pupils from many parts of the lands, all yearned to be admitted into the Starry Cloud Academy. So, the fact that the youth would choose the Starry Cloud was to be expected.

    "Hahahaha! Good good good. It's great that you think that way." The elderly one from the academy said with a delighted laugh, the gaze he was looking at Feng Jiu with, filled with satisfaction.

    He then pulled out a badge of authourity from inside his sleeve, and handed it over to Feng Jiu as he said: "This is the Star Badge from the Starry Cloud. You keep it with you now, and just bring it with you to go register yourself at the academy at a later date. With this badge in hand, you will be admitted without needing to go through any form of assessment, to become a pupil of the Starry Cloud."

    Feng Jiu accepted the Star Badge and took a look at it, before keeping it away with a smile as she said: "Thank you Senior. Your Junior Feng Jiu still has not asked for my Senior's revered name."

    "Hahaha! Feng Jiu? Alright, this old man shall remember your name, and have it placed in the register when I get back to the academy. This old man is surnamed Guan, and people call me Old Guan. I am the Starry Cloud's Vice Headmaster."

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu was rather surprised and she immediately bowed in greeting respectfully as she said: "Greetings to Vice Headmaster Guan. Your junior will remember it." She had not expected that the teacher in charge of leading a team here would be the Starry Cloud's Vice Headmaster.

    The other three elderly ones were all highly disappointed to see that, thinking to themselves that such a outstanding sapling had been snatched up by the Starry Cloud again. Sigh!

    "Feng Jiu right? If you happen to change your mind, you can still come join our Origin Sect. If you join our sect, I will definitely have you be made an elite disciple!"

    Hearing such a blatant challenge, Old Guan glanced at the other three elderly ones and said: "All of you can save your effort. With this young man, all of you will not stand a chance."
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