226 Old White Shakes Its Rump

    On another side, Feng Jiu went into an inn and shouted: "Waiter! Bring me a few of your best dishes and also a flask of wine!"

    "Coming!" Waiting on the patrons, the waiters acknowledged in a raised voice, as he carried his water kettle and came over with a beaming smile on his face. "Sir, have some tea first and the food and wine will be served right up."

    Feng Jiu was initially sitting by the window on the first floor. However, when she casually turned her gaze outside, she spotted that fat horse turning its head to search left and right the entire way, it frightened her to quickly shift herself to the back.

    Until, when that fat horse passed outside, did she finally heave a sigh of relief and muttered: "Ran into a curse. Why is it following me so relentlessly?"

    She picked up her teacup and blew lightly at the steaming cup of tea. As she sipped at it, she heard a commotion sounding out from the window.


    She turned her head and immediately blurted out a cry: "AHH!" She lost her grip on the teacup for a moment and it toppled onto the table, spilling the tea all upon it.

    She did not know when Old White had come to the window but just saw it sticking its head straight towards her and snorting two streams of hot air out through its nose, its mouth split in a sort of grin, its tail swishing while it shook its rump, seemingly saying: [See, I've found you again.]

    "Like a relentless pesky ghost!"

    She stared blankly at it, to see the fat horse lift its front hooves and laid them upon the window sill and refusing to budge, to stare straight at her which elicited snickers and laughter from the surrounding crowd of people.

    "Whose horse is that? It's so fat!"

    "The horse even has horns! It looks like it not just a regular horse."

    "Look at that horse! It even knows how to plop itself on the window sill!"

    Hearing the mocking ridicule from the crowd, the shop owner came running out in a huff. "Whose horse is this? Can't you let people continue to run their business? Bring it away! Bring it away!"

    Following that, he said apologetically to Feng Jiu: "Sir, I'm sorry. I don't know whose horse that is that came disturbing our guest here. Why not we do this? Will you like to go sit on the second level?"

    "No need no need. I'll just sit here."

    Feng Jiu waved her hand dismissively to say, and then saw the young man running out from the crowd and panting heavily as he shouted: "It's my horse! It's my horse!"

    The young man came running over huffing and puffing, to quickly grip the reins and berating the horse in rage: "What an outrage! Old White! I..... I will definitely sell you off!"

    "I'll buy it!" Feng Jiu exclaimed as she toyed with the cup on the table, looking at the man and horse standing there.

    "Huh? Wh..... What?" The young man was taken aback a moment, slightly stunned.

    She curled up her lips and said: "I said I'll buy it. What's the price for the horse? Didn't you say you'll sell it? You can just sell it to me."

    "This..... This....."

    The young man scratched at his head and then said sheepishly: "I was actually just saying it, to admonish it a little. I have no intention of selling it."

    "It is obvious this horse likes me a lot. Look. It has chased me all this way and you are not able to tame it properly. Isn't it better for you to sell it to me?" She asked as she looked at that fat horse plopped upon the window sill, an eyebrow raised up, the corners of her mouth curled up in a devilish smile.

    "Old White, don't you agree? You'd want to come with me right?"


    Old White lifted its head to whinny, and then raised its hind hooves to kick out towards the young man.

    Seeing that, Bai Xiao quickly jumped out of the way, his face flushed a deep red, not known whether it was from embarrassment or anger. He then slapped the horse's rump and berated angrily: "Old White! You lust bitten fella! He is male and not female! What are you getting so excited for Heaven's sake! ?"

    Watching that scene, Feng Jiu could not help but laugh out loud and say: "Sigh..... I had not really liked it at first. But now, I am growing to like it the more I look at it. What can I do?"

    When Old White heard that, its rump started swinging left and right, a look of delight coming onto its horse face as it curled up its tongue and seeked to lick her again.
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