228 Irresistible Charm

    Seeing Old White going about with its head lowered, and blowing out two streams of hot air through its nose to lift the ladies' skirts, Feng Jiu was completely speechless as she covered her eyes and turned her head away.

    Old White had made lechery into an art.....


    A shrill scream suddenly sounded, as a young lady dressed in a pink blouse and skirt pushed her hands down upon her skirt that had been blown up by the wind, her face red as she turned herself around.

    And just as Feng Jiu was going to come down off the horse and apologize, she saw Old White curling up its tongue and giving the young lady's face one good lick, smearing her face full of saliva, scaring the young lady so badly she stood there frozen with her face completely pale.

    Seeing that scene before her, a corner of Feng Jiu's mouth twitched, and she once again felt like palming her face.

    [Why..... Why was this rascal so lecherous?]

    "Young Miss!" A young servant girl quickly held the young lady, busily wiping away all that saliva with a handkerchief from her face.

    The man beside them then seemed to recover his senses from shock as he stared at the fat horse who threw a lazy glance at him and his face turned into rage as he scolded loudly.

    "Audacious animal!"

    The man berated in anger, and at the same time, he threw a punch straight towards Old White's face, never expecting that the punch he threw would be blocked by a hand.

    "Young Master, no need to get angry."

    Flipping herself off the horse, Feng Jiu blocked the man's fist with one hand and said apologetically: "I am sorry, this horse of mine is just a little lecherous and it definitely did not mean to take liberties with the Young Miss. I ask for the Young Master and the Young Miss to not place any blame upon the horse."

    "Lecherous? Hmph! I think you're the lecher! You must have goaded your Spirit Beast into committing such a shameless deed!" The man shouted fiercely, and retrieving back his fist that had been blocked, his gaze sharp as he stared at the handsome looking Feng Jiu dressed fully in red.

    [Spirit Beast?]

    When the surrounding people heard those two words, they quickly began to look with measuring gazes at that fat horse. Seeing the two horns sprouting out from the top of its head, they could not help but began to debate in lowered voices.

    "The horse is not the same from the regular ones. Is it really a Spirit Beast?"

    "I heard that Spirit Beasts are worth quite a bit, and Spirit Beasts that could be ridden upon in place of walking have all been tamed by Beast Tamers."

    "But isn't this Spirit Beast a little too fat! ? Looking at it, I don't even know if it can run at all!"

    "But I do know that eating the flesh of Spirit Beasts can strengthen the bodies of regular people like us and cultivators of Immortality can absorb spirit energy. It's great stuff."

    Hearing the words from the crowd, Feng Jiu smiled. Seeing the man staring at her with an unfriendly face, she then smiled and looked at the dainty young lady whose face had turned pale from fright as she went before her. Feng Jiu then showed a devilishly enchanting smile upon her handsome face, eyes overflowing with an alluring sparkle as she looked at the young lady with a gaze oozing with gentleness.

    "Young Miss, I am deeply sorry. I am to blame for not controlling my mount properly, which caused the Young Miss to be startled."

    Her voice did not have the soft gentleness of a female nor the robust masculinity of a male, but was instead like clear water, refreshing and comforting, tinged with traces of a slight raspiness and hidden allure, where upon reaching one's ears, it felt like a feather was tickling their ears, numbing the senses right into the heart.

    The dainty young lady gazed upon the red clothed youth and seeing his clear eyes spilling over with that alluring sparkle as they looked at her, the pair of eyes that felt like they could talk immediately caused her cheeks to flush red, her heart to thump rebelliously, and her entire being to become so nervous that it made her lower her head.

    "It's..... It's alright."

    The young lady's voice came out gently, tinged with nerves, sounding rather bashful but she could not help but raise her head slightly to look at the handsome red clothed youth before her eyes.

    When the man beside them saw that, his face darkened and he glared furiously. He was just about to speak when he saw the red clothed youth laughing in a low voice.
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