229 Six Path City

    "Young Miss is not only adorable but kind and magnanimous enough to not hold a grudge against my steed and my humble self thank you for it."

    She clasped a hand over a fist and bowed, and saw the young lady's dainty countenance turn red as an apple. The smile in her eyes then deepened, one hand holding Old White's reins as she said: "With this, allow my humble self to take my leave."

    "Oh, alright. Stay safe Young Master." The young lady said, having been hopelessly captivated by those few sentences and that electrifying gaze from Feng Jiu, an answer purely having been lead by Feng Jiu's words.

    Seeing the red clothed youth apologising trying to amends, the man beside them felt there wasn't anything more for him to say. Afterall, his cousin had not said anything more about it, much less for him. If he were to continue to find trouble with the youth, then it would seem like he was just picking on him.

    Until Feng Jiu swung herself up upon her horse and she had rode Old White slowly tread their way out past the city gates when the young lady finally regained her senses and said: "Ah! I forgot to ask the Young Master for his name!"

    Seeing his cousin face filled with so much regret, the man's face darkened and with a flick of his sleeves, he said: "Let's go back!"

    - Two Days Later -

    Feng Jiu led Old White to enter through the Six Path City and once past the city gates, she saw the flourishing and bustling scene where her heart could not help but sigh as she thought: [As expected of a sixth grade country. From the architecture to the shops and such, they were all things that the Sun Glory Country were unable to compare with.

    "You heard? The Ghost Doctor who has recently risen in fame had come to out Six Path City and it was said that it was the City Lord who received him personally."

    That couldn't be possible right? I heard that an accident occurred during the Medicine Grading Big Meet and the Ghost Doctor was abducted by people from the Hell's Palace."

    "It was heard that he had been released quite a while ago. Or otherwise, why had all those medicines appeared in various parts of the land recently? There hasn't been that much medicines appearing at the auctions but every bottle that did was a most precious treasure among treasures. It was said that the Six Path City's City Lord was fortunate enough to successfully win the bid for a bottle of the Ghost Doctor's medicine and after taking the medicine, the City Lord had broken through to the bottleneck that he had not been able to breakthrough all this time! The matter had spread throughout the upper class family clans and I had only come to know of it after I heard about it from my cousin who works at the City Lord's residence.

    "Is it true or not? It's that good?"

    "Of course. Let me tell you. The Ghost Doctor's medicine is said to be more effective than an elixir from a Pill Cultivator and even with loads of money, you might still not be able to buy one. Haven't you seen that quite a number of people from out of town had come to our Six Path City? They must have received the news and had all come here for the sake of the Ghost Doctor."

    Hearing the conversations from the few people at the tea stall, Feng Jiu arched up an eybrow slightly, a dark glint flashing across her clear eyes as she lead Old White to continue walking forward.

    After having walked for a distance, she came before an inn named Cloud Top as she stopped in front of it. The waiter then immediately came rushing out in greeting from inside.

    "A customer's here!"

    The waiter shouted towards the inside as he accepted the reins that Feng Jiu held out and then said: "Our customer came just at the right time. There is still one room on the second floor of our inn and it enjoys great light."

    "Mm." She tossed a gold coin to the waiter and ordered: "Prepare for me ten catties of small fishes and shrimps and the change left over is a tip for you.

    The waiter said smilingly: "Thank you customer. Our customer can rest assured that my humble self will carefully look after our customer's steed."

    The waiter who had come out in greeting from the back lead Feng Jiu to the front desk and after Feng Jiu paid up, he led Feng Jiu up to the second level.

    After instructing the waiter to prepare hot water and she took a bath, she changed out of her red clothes and into a white robe, her ink black hair tied up high. She then tempered down the wildful devilish charm within to turn into a suave and refined young master.

    Seeing that the sky was showing it to be still early, she then sat in a half lotus position upon the bed to moderate breath and cultivate, till when it was evening and the colour of the sky was turning dark gradually before she got up and walked out from the inn, intending to roam about to enjoy the Six Path City's night scene, and to find herself some food.

    Unknown to her, the Hell's Lord who had also heard the news had come here to the Six Path City as well.....
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