233 Let Her Appear on Her Own

    The Hell's Lord cast his glance over the two men and his low and magnetic voice sounded from his mouth: "This Lord does not care who twisted who to become bent. Now, go find the person for this Lord!"

    When the two of them heard that, they quickly asked: "My Lord wants to find that youth from just now?"

    "That's right." The Hell's Lord replied in a low voice and paused for a moment before looking at the two of them and then continuing to say: "That's the Ghost Doctor."


    The two men were startled as the two of them cried out in surprise together. [Ghost Doctor? That white robed lad? Really? How did the Lord manage to recognize him?]

    "Could my Lord be mistaken? That white robed youth, how could he be the Ghost Doctor?"

    Grey Wolf braced himself to ask. It was really hard to believe that that disfigured youth and the flawlessly handsome white robed youth could possibly be the same person.

    The Hell's Lord's chilly gaze swept over him.

    When Shadow One saw that, he immediately said: "Your subordinate will search right away!" The instant his voice fell, he left very quickly.

    "Your subordinate will go search as well. We will definitely find him!" Grey Wolf proclaimed hurriedly, not daring to ask further but quickly ran off.

    The Hell's Lord stood with his hands behind his back, his deep gaze staring over the crowd. He paused for a moment and then strode out into the street, blending into the crowd.....

    At that moment the Hell's Lord and his men did not know that the person they were looking for was seated at a table of a little stall less than a few meters away from them, where every single word they said fell into her ears.

    [That's strange. How did he manage to recognize her?]

    Feng Jiu felt her own face, not understanding it. He had clearly never seen her countenance intact so how was he able to recognize her with her looks fully restored?

    After sitting in the stall for a good while, she then came out from inside. After casting her glance left and right, she then went quickly towards an inn.

    Having searched through the entire night, both Grey Wolf and Shadow One were unable to find any trace of Feng Jiu. Afterall, the Six Path City had several million people and the city was segregated into many districts. Every district had at least several hundred thousand people and wanting to locate a person among those hundreds of thousand people, was no easy feat at all.

    It was when the day broke that the two men returned to the courtyard and reported to the Lord in the main house: "My Lord, your subordinate searched the entire night and there was still no news of the Ghost Doctor."

    "No need to search anymore."

    The Hell's Lord's voice sounded out from inside the main house: "This Lord has a way to make the Ghost Doctor appear voluntarily."

    Hearing those words, Grey Wolf and Shadow One glanced at each other. [Make the Ghost Doctor appear on his own? That's impossible right? He was avoiding them every way he could in fear, so why would he appear on his own?]

    [But, their Lord never did anything he wasn't confident of. Could it be that he really has a way of making the Ghost Doctor appear?]

    Meanwhile, Feng Jiu at that moment had just come out after having gone into the space to cultivate the whole night and her entire person was feeling highly refreshed and comfortable.

    Her spirit power cultivation was already at the level of a Grand Spirit Master and she prepare herself well to charge her way into the Foundation level. Although some medicines could be used to aid the advancement of one's cultivation, but if one wanted to enter into the Foundation level, the Foundation Elixir was still required.

    But, the elixirs of this world was something she had not encountered before and to want to cultivate a Foundation Elixir would require quite a huge amount of things.

    She had initially been thinking that the Six Path City was a highly prosperous and bustling city and she would be able to buy everything she needed to cultivate the elixir. But as she had attracted the eye of the Hell's Lord on her, just thinking about it already gave her a headache.

    Why was this Hell's Lord so much like a unshakable spirit?

    She changed into a suit of red clothes and then went out the door, to go into a high end shop called the Precious Treasure Pavilion.

    "Young Master, please come in. Feel free to look around. If you see anything you like, the prices can be discussed." The shopkeeper said with a smile at the side, leading Feng Jiu to go inside.

    Her gaze passed fleetingly over the display cases as she asked: "Shopkeeper, do you have any elixir cultivating stoves here?"
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