234 Falling Right into the Ne

    "Ho ho, yes yes yes, I'll bring it out to show the Young Master."

    The shopkeeper answered with a laugh and went behind the counter to bring out a tripod stove,  to place it upon the counter before Feng Jiu as he said: "Young Master please have a look. This elixir stove is a ninth grade spirit artifact, and it's most suitable for beginner Elixir Cultivators.

    Feng Jiu picked up the tripod stove that looked like an incense burner to have a look at it as she asked: "This thing here can cultivate elixirs?"

    Hearing that, the shopkeeper was rather taken aback and the smile on his face froze as he looked at Feng Jiu to say with a smile: "Young Master, this is a ninth grade spirit artifact and you will be able to put it to use once you imbue it with spirit power. After imbuing you spirit power into it, this little stove will become big and it will then naturally be able to cultivate elixirs."

    "Ninth grade? The ninth grade seems to be the lowest grade right? Do you have something better?"

    "Will the Young Master then look at this one. This is a seventh grade elixir stove. This piece here is a work of art by a Grandmaster Forger of artifacts. In terms of both outlook and quality, it is a product that is way above average. And for this piece over here, this is the Duo Dragon Stove, a sixth grade elixir stove, also the work at the Grandmaster level. Will the Young Master take a look at them and see which one you like?"

    The shopkeeper placed the few small elixir stoves upon the countertop, for Feng Jiu to choose and select.

    She picked up one of the elixir stoves to look at it and asked: "What kind of a price range is this sixth grade one?"

    "Hoho, for that sixth grade spirit artifact, the price is fixed at eighty eight thousand eight hundred and eighty eight gold coins. If the Young Master sincerely wants it, I can round off the ones for the Young Master, and make it eighty eight thousand eight hundred and eighty gold coins."

    "So expensive?"

    Feng Jiu looked at the shopkeeper with a shocked look. "For such a small incense burner and you want eighty eight thousand eight hundred and eighty gold coins for it? That's just robbery!"

    A corner of the shopkeeper's mouth twitched. "Young Master, this is not an incense burner. It's a spirit artifact. Eighty eight thousand eight hundred and eighty gold coins for a six grade elixir stove is a very fair price."

    Feng Jiu shook her head. "It's too expensive, and I can't afford it! One hundred silver coins equals one gold coin. To get eighty thousand gold coins, how many silver coins can it be broken down into? This thing is just burning money up."

    Hearing those words, the shopkeeper was speechless for a moment, as he had never met such a kind of customer.

    Afterall, he had thought that the red clothed Young Master possessed an extraordinary air about him, looking like a elegant and refined Young Master who should have come from a prosperous background and have no lack of money. Who would have known.....

    Feng Jiu's eyes then changed and her eyes were smiling as she asked: "Shopkeeper, do you have manuals on the forging of artifacts on sale here?"

    That thing was so expensive and if she could forge it herself, then besides being able to save that sum of money, she would be able to earn money using those artifacts. It seemed like a rather good idea thinking about it.

    The shopkeeper was stunned in his spot for a moment and after glancing at Feng Jiu, he said: "Someone had indeed placed a book here with us to sell it for him and it costs only one hundred gold coins. Have a look at it!" The shopkeeper then took out an old and badly battered book and handed it to her.

    Feng Jiu took the book and flipped through it casually. Seeing that everything was recorded inside, she then looked up at the shopkeeper. "It's so old and it still costs one hundred gold coins? Fifty gold coins and I'll buy it!"

    A corner of the shopkeeper's mouth twitched and he said: "I'll say my Young Master, aren't you being a little too harsh with the way you're slashing the price off? You've slashed it off by half with the first offer you make, how are we going to be able to conduct business like this? Why not this! ? If you really want it, you can have it for eighty gold coins, and we'll not sell it without getting eighty gold coins for it."

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu smiled and very readily took out the money to make the purchase. After keeping the book away, she then turned herself around to walk towards the exit.

    However, she had just stepped out from the shop when she saw a familiar figure. Upon seeing that figure, her eyes lit up and revealing a smile, she went running towards that person and at the same time, she shouted out.


    His back faced towards Feng Jiu and walking along on the street, when Ling Mo Han heard that voice, his lowered eyes glinted with a dark light, the corners of his mouth curled up ever so slightly with an indiscernible smile.....
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