236 House of Hundred Treasures

    He lowered his eyes and took a sip of wine before his deep voice sounded unhurriedly: "Seeing that you were able to get out alive from the Hell's Palace, I think that the Hell's Lord did not treat you too badly."

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu cast a glance at him. Seeing that great beard of his covering a good half of his face and unable to see his countenance clearly, her gaze unconsciously roamed over that face guagingly.

    Looking at those slightly familiar looking brows and eyes, her heart suddenly thumped and the smile at corners of her mouth froze. The tone of her voice was still lazy and tinged with a little bit of curiosity, she asked: "Uncle, how old are you actually? Keeping such a great big beard unshaven, don't you feel hot?"

    Ling Mo Han raised his eyes and glanced at her to reply: "I'm used to it."

    "Oh! You're used to it!"

    She laughed and then filled his cup as she said: "Come come come, drink up! To think that I will meet you here. That's right, Uncle! What are you doing here in the Six Path City?"

    "I came here to deal with some matters." Seeing her raise her cup to gulp down the wine so quickly, his brows creased together as he said: "Don't drink on an empty stomach. Have something to eat." Upon saying that, he picked some food from the dishes and placed it in the bowl before her.

    Seeing him being so concerned, Feng Jiu nodded her head a little sheepishly. "Alright."

    The two of them ate quietly, occasionally saying a few words, and Ling Mo Han seemed to not see himself as an outsider, frequently picking food to give to her.

    "Eat more."

    Looking at the small mountain of food piled up in her bowl, and seeing him bringing his chopsticks over again, she quickly stopped him: "Uncle, don't pick anymore food for me. Look, there's already so much here. I won't be able to finish it."

    Hearing those words, Ling Mo Han then noticed that the bowl before her had indeed been piled up with a mountainous pile of food and he coughed lightly before averting his eyes a little self consciously where he then began to eat.

    Seeing that scene, Feng Jiu smiled till her eyes narrowed and she turned her gaze slightly as she said: "Uncle, are you familiar with the Six Path City? I am thinking of buying some materials for the forging of artifacts later. Can you bring me around to have a look?"

    "Sure." He nodded his head and said.

    Her eyes lit up and she immediately said: "That's great! We'll go once we finish eating."

    Seeing her eyes lighting up, Ling Mo Han could not help but ask: "Aren't you afraid that you would bump into those people from the Hell's Palace who are looking for you?"

    "Don't I have Uncle here right beside me?"

    Her eyes were narrowed up with smiles as she looked at him and said: "Uncle, you wouldn't just stand by and see me being captured would you?"

    Ling Mo Han did not reply, but just stiffened his lips and said: "Let's go!" The moment his voice fell, he went striding outside.

    Feng Jiu stood up as well, and watching that figure striding in front of her, her eyes were slightly moved and she went on to catch up quickly.

    Coming downstairs and settling the bill, under Ling Mo Han's lead, they came to a place with high end merchant building with two shop fronts.

    Looking at the building that was about three storeys high, and the well renovated high class front doors, her eyes then fell upon the three characters in the middle. "House of Hundred Treasures? Uncle, will the things in here be very expensive? I will not be able to afford it if it's too expensive!"

    Hearing those words, Ling Mo Han glanced at her and then went on to stride inside as he said: "Just go in and have a look!"

    Upon coming in, Feng Jiu then discovered that that those things in that whatever Precious Treasure Pavilion when compared to the ones in the House of Hundred Treasures, was just like an ant against an elephant. The difference was too great.

    "Shopkeeper, what's the price for this stove you have?"

    She pointed at a tiny stove in the counter and asked. Because she saw that the tag below it stated that it was a fourth grade spirit artifact, she became rather curious just how much could such a tiny little stove that was a fourth grade spirit artifact be able to sell for.
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