237 Rake in a Pile and Run Away

    "This here is a fourth grade spirit artifact and its price is four hundred and twenty thousand gold coins." The shopkeeper stood at the side to say, and glancing at the two of them, he went on to ask: "I wonder what type of spirit artifact the Young Master is looking for? This old man here will then be able to help introduce them to you."

    Hearing that price, Feng Jiu retracted her gaze and turned to look at the shopkeeper to say: "I would like to purchase some steel. I wonder if you have it here?"

    "Yes we do. Will the Young Master wait for a moment." The shopkeeper summoned someone over and relayed some instructions to him. Very soon, that person then brought in a large piece of steel.

    "Young Master, is this enough for you? If not, we have more at the back."

    "How is it priced?" She looked gaugingly at the piece of steel, thinking that it was no different from any regular piece of metal.

    The shopkeeper then said with a laugh: "Hoho. This is not anything all that valuable. For this large piece here, ten gold coins will be sufficient."

    Hearing that, Feng Jiu went to the side and suppressed her voice to a whisper to ask: "Uncle, is that item the correct one?"

    Ling Mo Han glanced at her and asked: "Are you intending to buy that back to learn how to forge artifacts?"

    "That's right! I had initially thought of buying an elixir stove but it's too expensive and I cannot afford it. So I thought of learning the skill myself and see if I can forge an elixir stove to use. What do you think? Isn't this idea of mine just great?"

    Seeing her so immensely pleased with herself, he secretly shook his head and went over to the side of the counter to point at a elixir stove inside as he said to the shopkeeper: "Bring this out for her."

    "Hoho, of course." The shopkeeper smiled in acknowledgement, and just as he was about to take the elixir stove out, he heard the red clothed youth's voice sound out.

    "No need. I'll just buy the materials back to learn artifact forging and I don't believe that I am unable to forge one myself."

    The shopkeeper smiled and said: "Hoho, the forging of artifacts is not as easy as just saying it. To want to successfully forge a fourth grade elixir stove, it is completely impossible without having at least ten years of experience."

    Feng Jiu then choked when she spotted the characters under the elixir stove. [First grade spirit artifact, price: Two million eight hundred thousand gold coins.

    "Uncle, this one is so expensive. I won't be able to afford it."

    His deep gaze swung fleetingly over her as he said: "This House of Hundred Treasures allows barter trading."

    "Even with barter trading, I also do not have anything worth that much money to trade for it. But Uncle, let's discuss this a little."

    She leaned in close to him and her voice suppressed, she said sheepishly: "We're already so familiar with each other, would you lend me some?"

    Looking into that lovable face with that ingratiating expression, his heart thumped and his breath grew short as he turned his eyes away, fighting down the urge to embrace her within his arms, his deep voice turning slightly raspy at that moment.

    "Borrowing from me will incur you interest."

    Her eyes took in the whole scene of his demeanor at that very instant and Feng Jiu's gaze then flashed slightly as she said with a smile: "Interest it is then."

    Hence, Feng Jiu then took the purple crystal card he gave her and bought a whole lot of stuff and kept them into the space, her smile helplessly lifting up the corners of her mouth.

    "Uncle, let's go!" She said with a big grin upon her face. However, in the very next moment, her face changed slightly: "Ow!"

    Seeing her face looking rather bad as she clutched at her stomach, his brows creased up and he asked: "What's wrong?"

    "My stomach..... hurts!"

    Her face pale and all cringed up, she looked towards the shopkeeper. "Shopkeeper, do you have a lavatory in this place?"

    The shopkeeper was rather taken aback but he went on to nod his head and said: "We do, at the back."

    She looked at Ling Mo Han and she said with her face all scrunched up: "Uncle, I think I ate something bad just now and I need to go to the lavatory now. Can you wait for me here for awhile?"

    "Go on ahead!" Ling Mo Han said, and then watched her running towards the back.

    Until, after he had already waited for close to an incense stick's time and did not see her come back, he seemed to realize something before rushing towards the back of the shop.....
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