238 Jaw Clenched with Gritted Teeth

    Staring at that vacant and empty lavatory, Ling Mo Han's face darkened completely, his deep eyes narrowing up with a dangerous glint inside.

    "Good! Very good! This time she had actually slipped away from right under this Lord's nose. You've got guts!"

    That voice, sounded right through tightly clenched jaws and gritted teeth.

    Thinking back about it, it was bound to happen. He had showed up as Ling Mo Han and who knew that only barely half a day had passed and she had noticed that something wasn't right. He didn't really mind that he was conned of a big sum by her but the issue was that that woman had managed to run away once again!

    His face was dark as he stroked at the beard on his chin. How did she manage to recognize him? And when did she realize that it was him?

    Could it be that when he deigned to appear as Ling Mo Han, she had already plotted to turn it back upon him?

    Meanwhile on the other side, Feng Jiu had returned to the inn and she went straight to lie down upon the bed. She patted herself on the chest as she blew out a long breath in relief. Even though she was back in her room inside the inn, her heart was still beating fast and furious.

    That had been too thrilling!

    She had not thought that Uncle was actually the Hell's Lord! Never had she ever expected that she would deliver herself right up to him! Fortunately she had discovered it early and she had managed to slip away, or she would have fallen right into his hands once again!

    That's what she had told herself! How could the physiques of two people be that much alike? Even their eyes and brows had been exactly the same, and the Hell's Lord had just appeared in this Six Path City before the Uncle had showed up so quickly after in the same place.

    The Hell's Lord was researching into an antidote for the Thousand Year Frost Poison in the Medical Tower and the Uncle was afflicted with the Thousand Year Frost Poison. That was just too much of a coincidence and if she was still oblivious, then she would have turned into an idiot.

    "That's it. This Six Path City is no longer safe to remain in. Now that the purchases are almost done, it's better to quickly go to the Black Market to find Leng Shuang before deciding the next step."

    She flipped herself and jumped out of bed before walking over to the table to pour herself some water to drink. She then went downstairs to check out of her room where she was then led by the innkeeper to go to the horse stable at the back. Who knew.....

    "This is my steed?"

    She saw the innkeeper leading a white horse out and her brows creased up slightly as the corners of her mouth curled up to reveal a smile, but that smile did not reach her eyes.

    The innkeeper was startled as he asked: "isn't this the Young Master's ride? I heard from the assistant that the Young Master's ride is white and there is only one single white horse in here!"

    "Then where is the assistant?"

    "He resigned from the job this morning....." When said those words, the colour on the innkeeper's face changed. "Don't tell me that he secretly switched out the Young Master's horse?"

    "Horse? Ha!"

    Feng Jiu sneered. "My ride is a spirit beast, and not a horse."

    Sensing the gravity of the problem, the innkeeper hurried to say: "I'm really sorry that such a thing had happened while the Young Master stayed with us and it is due to the fault of our management. Will the Young Master please wait a moment while I send people to go to the assistant's home to search. He resigned just this morning and he should still be home."

    Seeing that the innkeeper truly did not know anything, Feng Jiu's face then warmed up as she said: "Get people to bring me there!"

    The innkeeper quickly agreed and the left instructions for people to watch the inn as he brought Feng Jiu to go to that assistant's place of residence but they spotted the assistant who was smiling widely just turning off the street into an alley.

    "It's him! He's there!" The innkeeper pointed, and his voice had just fallen when he saw the red shadow right beside him leapt, already making his way forward. Seeing that, he quickly hastened to catch up.

    On another side, when Grey Wolf and Shadow One saw the ugly colour of the Lord's face when he returned and they could not help but be surprised.

    The two men exchanged glances and Grey Wolf paused for a while before enquiring highly warily: "My Lord, where is the Ghost Doctor? Why have you not brought him back?"
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