239 Old White Gets Stolen!

    Those words had just fallen when he saw his Lord swing his cold eyes over him, that gaze driving a chill right into his heart.

    [Could something unexpected have happened again?] His heart filled with puzzlement, but he did not dare ask any further.

    The Lord had always been exceptionally concerned with things that had to do with the Ghost Doctor and having thought that the Lord would not return till nightfall at least, who knew that he would suddenly come back before half the day had even passed. Hence, he guessed that something unexpected must have occurred.

    But, just what had actually happened? Could the Ghost Doctor have shown a sour face to the Lord?

    The two men kept their apprehensive feelings to themselves as they looked at their Lord's darkened face who went into his room without saying a word.

    It was only after awhile that the two men looked at each other before walking outside the courtyard to discuss in hushed voices.

    "What would you say could have happened?" Grey Wolf asked as he looked at Shadow One.

    Shadow One was thoughtful a moment before he said: "It must have something to do with the Ghost Doctor. Otherwise, the Lord's face would not be so ugly."

    "Don't you say! To not allow us to follow. If we had followed them in secret, it would at least let us know what really happened between the Lord and the Ghost Doctor!"

    Giving it another thought, Shadow One then lowered his voice to say: "Why not this? You go out and gather some information. About where and the kind of places the Lord visited after we came back, and also where the Ghost Doctor had gone to? We have our own people here in the Six Path City and it wouldn't be all that hard to look into."

    "Investigate into the Lord's affairs? That..... isn't very nice is it?" Grey Wolf's face didn't look too comfortable as he continued: "If this is known by the Lord, we'll not be able to answer for it!"

    "You are the Lord's close attendant and I am the Lord's Shadow Guard. You saw for yourself how ugly the colour of the Lord's face had looked when he came back, shouldn't we get a clear understanding of the situation at least? Moreover, the matter must have something to do with the Ghost Doctor and if you do not dare to investigate into the Lord's whereabouts today, then go look into the Ghost Doctor's."

    Hearing him say that, it seemed to sound a little reasonable, and hence, Grey Wolf nodded his head. "Alright, I'll be coming right back."

    Grey Wolf had just taken a few steps when he suddenly paused and then turned to look at Shadow One to ask: "Why are you not going yourself? This is a task that you can complete as well!"

    Shadow One glanced at him and said: "I need to be here to guard the Lord!"

    "I can stay here and guard the Lord as well. You go investigate. If not, I might end up having to suffer the blame for it again." Grey Wolf said as he came walking back, indicating that Shadow One was to go.

    "You're really not going?"

    "No way!" Grey Wolf shook his head, thinking that it sounded like a thankless task to take on.

    "I'll go if you are not. But, do not ask me anything about it when I come back."

    "On what basis?"

    Shadow One went walking out as he said: "Because I will only investigate into the Ghost Doctor." If only the Ghost Doctor was investigated into, that it would be fine even if the Lord came to find out about it.

    "How sneaky!" Grey Wolf cursed in a low voice, as he watched Shadow One walking further away and he went back into the yard to keep guard.

    On another side, in an alley.

    Feng Jiu's foot was stepped upon the assistant's back as she leaned her body forward and toyed with her dagger in her hand, to stare at the assistant's pale and terrified face as he lay sprawled upon the ground.

    "Where did you make my steed go?"

    "What..... What steed? I..... I do not know..... Argh!"

    Before he even finished his words, a pitiful howl rang out.

    Only to see the assistant who was sprawled upon the floor finding the back of his hand pierced through by the dagger, his blood flowing out immediately. The innkeeper who came rushing over was so shocked that his entire body trembled as he stared at Feng Jiu.

    "Young..... Young Master. We can discuss this calmly, please do not cause any loss of life."

    Feng Jiu pulled out her dagger and wiped the blood on the face of the assistant, her voice soft and tinged with indifference but sounded so chillingly terrifying.

    "Where is my steed?"

    The pale face assistant stared at that sharp dagger and then gulped back his saliva to say in a trembling voice: "At..... at the Famed Cloud Loft..... Arghhh!"
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