458 Hell’s Lord At Ease

    Feng Jiu touched her nose and looked up at him. She smiled as she asked: "Hell's Lord, what's the matter?"

    "I have been here for a few days now, and you have not done your duty as a host. Can you not spend a day with me to take a walk around?" He said in a calm voice as his deep gaze bored into her. If one listened carefully, you could hear the resentment in his voice, like that of a husband who had been given the cold shoulder.

    "Oh, this....."

    She smiled slyly, her dark eyes darted about, like she had thought of an idea. At that moment, he interrupted her and threatened her harshly: " You dare to give me another excuse?"

    When she heard those words, Feng Jiu pursed her lips together and glanced at him. She then continued with a smile: "Hell's Lord, you're overthinking it. I was just about to say that I will go home now to change my clothes and go out with you."

    His expression softened at once. He looked at her red dress and said: "Your clothes are quite nice." What he implied was that, he thought it looked good, so she did not need to change.

    "How can I do that? I am accompanying Hell's Lord to go out, of course I need to change and freshen up. Don't worry, I won't not turn up. I will just go back in to change my clothes. I shan't be long. Just wait for me in the front hall."

    Hell's Lord frowned but did not say anything else other than: "I shall wait for you in the courtyard." He had been fooled so many times, so he found it quite surprising that she had agreed to accompany him so readily this time.

    "Okay." Feng Jiu replied with a smile and walked back inside with him.

    As they watched the two people walking away, Shadow One and Gray Wolf looked at each other, and Gray Wolf asked: "What do you think the Ghost Doctor is up to? Is she really going to accompany Master for a walk? Why do I feel that she is up to one of her ghost ideas again?"

    "Did you not hear Master say that he was going to wait for her in her courtyard? He probably won't be fooled again." Shadow One replied as he followed the two people ahead.

    Gray Wolf also followed them, but in his heart he thought that if anyone else had said it, he wouldn't have given it much more thought, but the Ghost Doctor's words.....it was difficult not to.

    Back in the courtyard, Feng Jiu had ordered a pot of tea to be served to Hell's Lord as she went into her room to get changed.

    When Gray Wolf and Shadow One came to stand behind their master, they noticed that ever since the Ghost Doctor had agreed to go for a walk with him, there was a smile on his face. He probably hadn't realised how at ease he looked now and that the excitement was showing on his face. While he was drinking his tea, his head kept looking towards the firmly closed bedroom door. It left the two people stood behind him speechless.

    They felt that their master was acting like and little boy, so full of excitement he didn't know how to act.

    The Ghost Doctor had only told him that she was going for a walk with him and that got him this excited. How would he react when on their wedding night?

    As they thought about it, they could not help but worry for him.

    They had thought that day in the room, their master had gained the upper hand on the Ghost Doctor. But upon observation of their behaviour with each other over the past few days, they could tell that their master had not succeeded. If he had, how could he behave like that?

    Ugh! To have a master who was not emotionally mature, it was indeed very worrying for the subordinates.

    As he watched him finished his cup of tea and pour himself another, all while staring at the bedroom door, Gray Wolf coughed and walked forwards....
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