246 Not of Common Stock!


    The body fell to the floor with a loud crash, shocking the people outside the arena to stand to their feet with a woosh, to stare incredulously into the arena.

    "Heavens! He actually killed the Liu Family's Third Elder!"

    "Sheesh! It..... It was an instant kill at that!"

    "The Liu Family's Third Elder was a cultivator at the Foundation fourth stage and he..... he was taken down by a youth with just one stroke! ?"

    "Where..... Where is that youth even from? Could his cultivation really have been higher than the Liu Family's Third Elder?"

    "The entire matter has now become really serious! That youth has gotten himself in big trouble....."

    The voices grew to become loud and raucous, immediately turning the entire venue chaotic as the people debated in low voices one after another, their shocked and terrified gazes falling upon the figure of the red clothed youth in the arena, struck by his viciousness and fearlessness, stunned by the fact that he had been able to take down a Foundation cultivator in an instant!

    It must be known that a Foundation cultivator was not like cultivators at the Spirit Masters and Grand Spirit Masters levels. A Foundation cultivator was one who had already entered into the path towards becoming an Immortal, a cultivator of Immortality, who would already possess a long lifespan of two hundred years! That was when one just had to stamp his foot and he would be able to make countless Spirit Masters and Grand Spirit Masters to cower upon the ground in terror, a mighty cultivator of Immortality!

    But now, he had actually been killed in a split second by that red clothed youth.....

    Not just the people surrounding the arena were shocked. Even the Six Path City's City Lord Chang had been properly startled by the red clothed youth's viciousness, needless to mention the fake Ghost Doctor who had been standing next to the City Lord and had been staring at Feng Jiu with a lecherous gaze.

    "That kid, is definitely not of common stock!"

    After the initial shock had passed, the City Lord cried out in astoundment, shaking his head as he looked at the "Ghost Doctor" at his side: "With this youth, I'm afraid, must not be touched."

    As the Six Path City Lord, he had seen and read a countless number of people, hence he could naturally see the red clothed youth's decisiveness and viciousness was not something just any regular family could possibly be able to nurture and groom.

    Even when he knew that the opponent was from the Liu Family, and was even a Foundation cultivator, he still dared to take his life immediately upon saying it, in a mere instant. Such bold spiritedness, was definitely not what any regular noble family could possibly possess!

    The "Ghost Doctor" had naturally also been able to see, much less the City Lord. He had similarly been greatly taken aback by the red clothed youth's moment of merciless viciousness but despite that, the harder it was to win the prize, all the more his heart yearned even deeper for it.

    It had initially just been because of the red clothed youth's extraordinarily handsome looks and impressive air that elicited his predatory curiosity but now, his interest had truly been piqued.

    Within the arena, Feng Jiu narrowed her eyes and swept her gaze over the lifeless and dead elderly man, then passing fleetingly over the highly twisted and contorted Young Master Liu as she snorted in disdain. She then swung her eyes to stare into the surroundings, her cold clear voice imbued with a chill as it rang out.

    "Who else wants to stop this Young Master here from leaving? You can just come stand out here!"

    When that clear and chilly voice tinged with a sharp edge fell into the ears of everyone around the arena, they all looked at the youth with a complicated look in their eyes, but not a single one among them dared to go stop him.

    [You've got to be kidding! Even a Foundation cultivator had been taken out in a second and he wants them to go stop him? Wouldn't that be dancing to the rhythm of courting death?]

    The Famed Cloud Loft's middle aged man just stood there and looked at Feng Jiu, but no longer said anything at that moment.

    It was already no longer something that the Famed Cloud Loft could afford to stick their hands in and interfere anymore. The Liu Family's Young Master completely crippled and the Liu Family's Third Elder killed in one move. News of this matter would reach the Liu Family very soon and at that time.....

    Thinking about that, his eyes flashed with a glint. [Just how capable was this youth? What kind of backing did he hold behind him? That he dared to kill the Liu Family's Third Elder immediately after saying he would!]

    [Wasn't he afraid of the Liu Family's wrath? Doesn't he fear that the Liu Family would come after him for his life?]
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