247 Liu Family’s Raging Fury

    And what they did not know was that in the Liu Manor, an old man with an expression highly aghast was running towards the main house, shouting as he ran: "Family Head! Family Head! Big trouble! Woe has befallen!"

    The old man's voice rang out through the Liu Manor, attracting the attention of the people within as they came out to see what was the matter.

    Meanwhile in the main courtyard, the Liu Family Head was conversing with two of his Elders and when he heard the voice outside, he was rather startled.

    "It sounds like that is Old Fourth's voice?" One of the Elders opened his mouth to say, as he glanced at the Family Head upon the principal seat and then continued: "I will go out to have a look."

    However, he had just stood up and had not even gone out through the doors when a figure came hastily running in.

    "Family Head, big trouble! Third Elder's life light has been snuffed out!"

    The moment those words came out, the faces of the three men in the room immediately changed drastically.

    "What? How is that possible! ?"

    The three men chorused in unison, their voices filled with incredulity and utter shock.

    "It's really has been snuffed out! Just a little while ago! His longevity light had really put out! And, Eldest Young Master's longevity light is barely fluttering in a flicker, I'm afraid his situation is dire!"

    Upon hearing those words, the Liu Family Head took wide strides outside as he shouted with a great voice: "Guards! Guards! Where did Third Elder and the Eldest Young Master go? Does anyone knows?"

    The voice reverberated within the manor, and a guard came running up in haste to report.

    "Reporting to Family Head. The guards who followed Eldest Young Master out came back to say that Eldest Young Master met with trouble in the Famed Cloud Loft earlier and Third Elder happened to hear it when he was in the front courtyard where he then rushed to go there immediately."

    Hearing that, the Family Head's face darkened and he immediately said to the three Elders behind him: "I'll go to the Famed Cloud Loft first and you men bring men to surround the place. The person who killed Third Elder must not be allowed to escape!"

    "Yes!" The three Elders acknowledged quickly. Seeing the Family Head summon his Qi to jump outside with a great leap, they immediately hurried to gather up men to rush their way towards the Famed Cloud Loft.....

    - Famed Cloud Loft -

    Under everyone's eyes, the flamboyant and highly eye catching Feng Jiu then came over to Old White's side and patted its head to say: "Old White, let's go."

    This time, everyone could only watch the red clothed youth hold the horse reins as he went walking to the outside of the arena, no one daring to stop him. Even the Famed Cloud Loft's manager just stood in his spot as he watched the youth leave before his eyes.

    Because he knew that there was no need for him to stop the youth, as he would not be able to get out from the place anyway.

    Everyone looked at him leading the fat horse by the reins to walk out from the arena, to go outside, stepping out under the Famed Cloud Loft's main doors.

    Almost everyone was following behind him. Having killed the Liu Family's Third Elder and crippled the Liu Family's Young Master, would this youth really still be able to walk out from this place alive?

    Just as Feng Jiu was about to leave, a faraway roar filled with fury tore through the air as it came in close, imbued with a powerful oppression in assault.

    "Who dares to kill the Liu Family's Elder! ? Come out here this instant!"

    Rage that rocked the Heavens accompanied by the powerful oppression was released together with that roar. In an instant, even the air felt like it had congealed a little. That dense and oppressive aura and that ear shattering roar made all the citizens outside the Famed Cloud Loft retreat and flee, fearful that they would be implicated in a moment of carelessness.

    At the same time that the Liu Family Head arrived, the three Elders lagging behind came rushing in with close to a hundred guards, the ferocious team of men causing the hawkers and common citizens on the street to open up a wide path for them.

    The originally bustling street suddenly turned quiet with the sudden scene descending upon them, everyone holding their breaths as they watched in shock and fear the Liu Family's team of guards gathering before the Famed Cloud Loft before they quickly split two ways to go around the sides of the place, to fully surround the Famed Cloud Loft.
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