466 Tugging at his heartstrings

    After a short pause, he opened the door and walked out. As he walked out of the courtyard, he told his two subordinates, "Ask the kitchen to prepare a few dishes with two cups of rice and a bowl of soup. Send them to her courtyard."

    He already set out toward Feng Jiu's courtyard when he gave them this order. His two subordinates were looking at each other with dismay.

    "Master goes to the Ghost Doctor again? Isn't he angry with her?" Gray Wolf was taken aback. How come his Master didn't lose temper whenever he met the Ghost Doctor? When he came back, he had a bellyful of anger. However, when his Master heard him say that the Mistress didn't have dinner, he immediately rushed over.

    "This is called a henpecked husband. After marrying the Ghost Doctor, Master will be eaten to death." Shadow One said, "I'm going to get the kitchen to prepare food."

    "Ai! That's quite right." Gray Wolf shook his head and followed him out. He wanted to see if the Master could enter the Ghost Doctor's courtyard or not.

    At Feng Jiu's courtyard. When Leng Shuang saw Hell's Lord coming, she was slightly startled but still came over and blocked his steps. "My Mistress has been asleep. Please come again tomorrow, Hell's Lord."

    Hell's Lord only spared her a glance and stepped in. He pushed the door open and entered the room. However, he didn't go inside the inner room and chose to sit at the table in the outer room.

    "This Lord is here to drink with you."

    His words were spoken in a stiff and muffled tone, making Feng Jiu who laid awake in bed felt slightly stunned. Her expression turned odd.

    When Leng Shuang realized that she couldn't stop him, she went in and said a word to Feng Jiu. Feng Jiu motioned her to withdraw, and then she got up, put on her coat and came out. She saw Hell's Lord sitting at the table, watching her with deep and serene eyes. She gathered her coat and went over, "Do you have any wine?"

    Hell's Lord shot her a glance and grabbed an earthen jar from the space, "The best spirit wine." At the same time, he also took out two small green jade wine cups.

    Feng Jiu smiled and called out, "Leng Shuang, bring two bowls."

    Hell's Lord took a look at her and put the two small wine cups away.

    Gray Wolf watched this scene by the door with a stupefied expression. That's the best wine! A drop was worth a thousand gold. Why did the Ghost Doctor want to drink it in a bowl? Wasn't it so wasteful?

    Leng Shuang placed two small bowls and retreated. She also stood at the door and watching them.

    "Pour the wine!" Feng Jiu motioned to him, seeing that he didn't make any move even though the wine jar was in his hand.

    "No need to hurry, the dishes haven't ready yet." He spoke with a low, magnetic voice like a mellow wine, very intoxicating in the dim light of night.

    "What kind of food needed to accompany the drinks? If you don't drink, I'll pour it first. I want to get a taste of this best quality spirit wine." She reached out to take the wine jar. Unexpectedly, Hell's Lord grabbed her outstretched hand.

    She looked up and suddenly smiled, "Can you stop taking advantage of me? Even though it's just the hand, they're still a pair of a woman's hands! "

    Hell's Lord's lips twitched imperceptibly. He stared at her with deep eyes. He also saw that she was not quite right tonight. What was the reason? She was obviously smiling, but those pair of eyes reflected some lonely and desolate feelings that tugged at his heartstrings.

    It's him who was obviously angry, and it's him who should have been angry, but why did it look like she's the one who has been wronged?
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