248 Lay Down Your Life!

    Almost at the very same instant, everyone's eyes all fell upon the red clothed youth, that was holding the reins of the fat horse, who was standing in front of the Famed Cloud Loft. At that moment, even though they all did not know the youth at all, did not know who he was, the people still broke out in a bout of cold sweat for him.

    Some of them even secretly admired the red clothed youth for the steady composure and courage he was showing as if it had been anyone else in his place, seeing the size of the force the Liu Family had brought out would surely have caused the person to become paralysed with fear.

    "Who is the one who killed my Liu Family's Elder! ? Bring your sorry self out here!"

    The Liu Family Head's malicious and menacing voice rang out once again, his fierce and piercing gaze staring right inside the Famed Cloud Loft. At that moment, he had not once thought that the red clothed youth holding the reins of the fat horse standing right before the Famed Cloud Loft with a calm and composed demeanor was the very person who killed his Liu Family's Third Elder.

    Hence, even when he noticed that everyone's eyes were fixed upon the red clothed youth at that moment, he did not even consider in that direction. Afterall, the Third Elder was already a Foundation cultivator, how could he possibly be killed by a youth still smelling of breast milk?

    Then, from within the Famed Cloud Loft, a middle aged man dressed in a lavish brocade robe came walking out, and it was the Famed Cloud Loft's owner, Cao Mu.

    Although the Famed Cloud Loft was just one building, but the kind of might they held was close to that of a mid level Family Clan and it was because of that that no one dared to go create trouble in the Famed Cloud Loft as afterall, the power held by a mid level Family Clan was still highly terrifying.

    Cao Mu who came walking out cast a quick glance at the red clothed youth and then went on to clasp a hand over his fist in greeting to the Liu Family Head to say: "Family Head Liu, I trust you've been well."

    "Proprietor Cao, I do not have the leisure to exchange pleasantries today. You tell me, who is the one who killed my clan's Third Elder? And how is my son now! ?"

    Family Head Liu asked with a highly darkened face, his piercing gaze upon the figure of Cao Mu fixedly, not allowing the slightest reaction to escape his eyes.

    "Will the Young Master here please answer to Family Head Liu now! ?" Cao Mu said, looking at Feng Jiu.

    And at the same time that Proprietor Cao's words came out, Family Head Liu stared with his eyes wide with shock as he pointed at the red clothed youth holding the reins of that obese horse in rage to utter: "He's the killer?"

    Feng Jiu stole a glance at Cao Mu and then went on to say to the Family Head Liu in front, her clear voice imbued with a chill.

    "I killed him, so what?"

    [I killed him, so what?]

    [I killed him, so what?]

    A blast went off in everyone's mind, finding it all just too incredulous.

    [Had the youth gone mad? He actually dares to utter such words right in front of Family Head Liu, does he really not fear death?]

    Not just Family Head Liu did not believe it, even the three Elders standing at the side felt that it was unimaginable. Because the youth's power was clear for them to see, and he wasn't even a Foundation cultivator, so how could he possibly be able to kill the Third Elder who was already at the Foundation level's fourth stage?

    But despite that, the expression of everyone around and Cao Mu's words were all clearly saying that it was this red clothed youth who had killed their Liu Family's Third Elder!

    Moreover, this youth had also said it himself. He had killed the Third Elder, so what? He had already admitted to it himself, but they still found it hard to believe.

    How did he kill the Third Elder? How could a youth whose spirit power cultivation was only at the Grand Spirit Master level be able to kill a Foundation cultivator?

    At that moment, the highly contorted Young Master Liu who had been twisted up into a ball was carried out by people.

    When he saw the state his own son had been turned into, Family Head Liu's fiery rage could no longer be suppressed. Like a enraged ferocious lion, his rage burst forth and a powerful oppressive aura and menacing Qi surged from his body to all rush straight towards the red clothed youth in assault.

    "Imperious little fool! Lay down your life!"
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