249 A Meeting of Blades

    Seeing the Liu Family's Head's hand clenched into a fist that was imbued with a chilling aura coming straight at her in assault, Feng Jiu's gaze narrowed and the spirit power upon her body was quickly channeled into her hand to block his attack. Two fists collided and the loud crashes resounded as terrifying Qi whistled through the air from the clash.

    The surrounding air had turned highly oppressive due to the spirit powers surging from within the bodies of the two people and seeing that the red clothed youth was actually not being disadvantaged in the battle with Family Head Liu, the spectating crowd was silently taken aback in astonishment.

    The Liu Family's Head was a Foundation cultivator at the sixth stage and not to mention that a single stage's difference in the cultivation of Immortality would already crush a person to death but with the fact that the red clothed youth was merely at the level of a Grand Spirit Master, it was still very rare to see that a person at such a young age could possibly attained such a level of cultivation.

    But, with the weak pitted against the powerful and not be defeated, it was something completely impossible. However, at that very moment.....


    The fists of the two people smashed into each other, two separate streams of Qi surged from their fists in a powerful clash, the spirit aura forming into a spirit stream of Qi that became visible to the eye around their fists, and it was from that terrifying clash of the two streams of Qi that the two people were thrown back several steps.

    Family Head Liu went backpedaling backwards several steps before he managed to steady himself, his heart secretly astounded. [This youth was able to block my attack? That had to be true, if he didn't possess some skill, how could he possibly have been able to kill my Liu Family's Third Elder?]

    Thrown back a few steps, Feng Jiu relaxed the grip of her fist as she turned her hand at the wrist to relieve the pain from the clash, her clear eyes narrowed. With that exchange of blows earlier, she had gained a rough understanding of Family Head Liu's powers.

    Although her spirit powers were not equal to her opponent's, she won out with her strange and crafty moves, making it difficult for the opponent to kill her, and it was also not entirely impossible for her to kill her opponent as well.

    Hadn't that elderly Foundation cultivator earlier died under her hands as well?

    What she needed to consider now was if she managed to kill this Family Head Liu, how was she going to be able to get out of here in one piece? Afterall, there were limits to one lone person's abilities and she would not be able to deal with consecutive battles in succession against the whole Family Clan with her current powers.

    "Looks like I have underestimated you!"

    Family Head Liu said in a deep voice. He had initially not drawn out his weapon and at that moment, he pulled the weapon out.

    His hand stretched out and a bright glint flashed as a long sword shaped like a crooked willow glinting chillingly appeared in his hand. At the moment he pulled out that sword, gasps of shock broke out from the surrounding crowd.

    "Whoa! That is the Liu Family's treasured heirloom, the Willow Leaf Sword!"

    "That is a superior grade spirit artifact and using it in battle would raise one's powers not just by any tiny bit!"

    "Isn't Family Head Liu going a bit too far! ? The opponent is afterall just a little young youth. Not only is he older than the youth, his cultivation is stronger as well! On top of all that, he has now even brought out the Willow Leaf, that is just blatantly outright bullying!"

    "What do all of you know? That youth killed the Liu Family's Third Elder and that is a slap upon the Liu Family's face. If as the Family Head he comes to be defeated by that young youth, how could the Liu Family continue to have any footing in the Six Path City?"

    Surrounding voices raised up in debate continued on, everyone throwing in their opinion to join in with the excitement. Seeing the scene before them, many people shook their head in their hearts to think: [This young youth will surely have to leave his life behind here today.]

    Feng Jiu's gaze fell upon the Willow Leaf at that moment, the spirit aura pulsating around the sword's body showing that it was no ordinary sword. But she knew that compared to the Blue Edge, this sword before her was far inferior.

    But it was not appropriate to bring out the Blue Edge in such a situation and hence, she pulled out her dagger.

    "Hahahaha! Impudent little imp! You are taking me on with that tiny little dagger?"

    The corners of Feng Jiu's mouth curled up slightly to reveal a devilishly cold smile before she said: "Against you, a dagger is more than enough!"
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