251 The Real and Fake Ghost Doctor

    And the gaze of that red clothed man instead fell onto the equally flamboyant red clothed figure of Feng Jiu.

    When Feng Jiu whose eyes were fixed upon Family Head Liu felt a burning gaze staring right at her, she instinctively her head to look in that direction. When her gaze saw that man dressed in red clothes and wearing a mask with mandara print, her eyebrow arched up slightly.

    When she saw the man looking at her with that vulgar and lecherous gaze, her eyes turned chill. When she initially came to the Six Path City, she had heard that there was a Ghost Doctor here, but she had not thought that she would encounter him today.

    From the look of things, he seemed to be a licentious lecher and also had a broken sleeve habit.

    Her gaze then shifted to fall upon the figure of the City Lord, measuring him up discreetly. It was said that the Six Path City's City Lord had just advanced to the next level recently, breaking through the bottleneck that he had not been able to breakthrough to for a very long time, to become a Complete Foundation cultivator, a single step away from becoming a Golden Core cultivator.

    Family Head Liu's face that had been grim with rage immediately had his eyes shine with delight upon seeing the City Lord and the masked man dressed in red clothes and he immediately gave voice to his query.

    "City Lord, could this gentleman possibly be the esteemed Ghost Doctor who had recently shot to great fame?"

    "That's right. It's the Ghost Doctor himself."

    City Lord Chang nodded his head, and glanced at the man beside him. The moment his words came out, the surrounding crowd immediately grew excited.

    "The Ghost Doctor? It's really the Ghost Doctor? It is said that the Ghost Doctor is highly reclusive and I had not thought he had actually come to our Six Path City."

    "That's right! I heard that the Ghost Doctor's medicine is almost like divine medicine, showing effects the moment you take it. If anyone had managed to get a bottle of medicine to advance one's cultivation level, I will not hesitate to pay a sky high price to get my hands on it!"

    "It's true. I heard that the City Lord only broke through to the Complete Foundation level after taking the Ghost Doctor's medicine and is just a step away from attaining the Golden Core. If I can, I will also like to beg for medicine from the Ghost Doctor and I will pay however much money it costs!"

    "In your dreams! Even my Family Clan was not able to get a turn and you think you will be able to get it? That is just not possible. Do you know what kind of connections the City Lord had had to pull before he was able to get that one bottle of medicine? The Ghost Doctor's medicine is something that can't be bought with money alone."

    Upon seeing the Ghost Doctor appear, all the surrounding members of noble families began arguing. Some of them sent people to run speedily back to the clans, to report to the clan heads that the Ghost Doctor was now right in front of the Famed Cloud Loft.

    And seeing everyone in the crowd looking at him with such adoring and excited gazes, the red clothed man then could not help but reveal a smile as he lifted his chin slightly, his own eyes showing a sense of superiority, revelling in the reverence and worship everyone was heaping onto him.

    Watching that scene, Feng Jiu glanced at the red clothed man and curled up her lips to laugh in ridicule, filled with utter derision.

    An imposter Ghost Doctor, and he still had the cheek to stand there so self absorbed in glee, thinking he all that great? How absolutely absurd!

    However, that derisive laugh of hers had immediately drawn the anger of the surrounding crowd, especially Family Head Liu who was anxious to please the Ghost Doctor, who glared at Feng Jiu even more fiercely, to shout in a loud voice.

    "Even before the City Lord and the Ghost Doctor, such an arrogant and puny one such as you dare to show such audacity? Men! Have him killed right this instant!"

    "Family Head Liu, hold it a moment." The City Lord opened his mouth to say, halting everyone in their tracks.

    "City Lord, what do you mean by that?" Family Head Liu's face sank slightly, thinking that the City Lord was shielding the red clothed youth, and his tone of voice had turned similarly grim.

    At that moment, the masked red clothed man came walking forward, to come right before Feng Jiu. Staring right at that flawlessly handsome countenance, the lust and excitement in his eyes could hardly be contained.

    It was bad enough when he did not open his mouth, and the moment he did, it stunned everyone in the crowd, their eyes wide and their faces filled with incredulity.....
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