252 I Get Impulsive Very Easily!

    "What say you follow me? I can guarantee you will not have to worry for your life, and allow you free use of medicine."

    Hearing those words, even Family Head Liu could not help but to turn his face that was completely flabbergasted to stare at the red clothed man, looking highly bewildered.

    [What..... What do those words mean? Let the red clothed youth follow him? Follow him for what? Those words..... Were they all thinking too much into it?]

    However, when everyone saw the masked Ghost Doctor's eyes looking at the red clothed youth with plain and undisguised lust, all of them could not help but felt like palming their face.

    [Looks like they had not been thinking too much, but the Ghost Doctor really just meant that.

    But, lusting over a that red clothed youth before everyone in public like this, the Ghost Doctor's actions was a little over the top.

    And Feng Jiu who heard those words then gave a light laugh, her voice crisp and pleasing to the ear. But listening to it carefully, one could hear the cold chill and murder in her voice.

    But seeing her toy with the dagger in her hand as she raised up an eyebrow slightly to glance at the red clothed man, her voice was tinged with three parts ridicule and seven parts lazy as she asked.

    "And who are you?"

    "I am the Ghost Doctor, and also a medicine concoctionist. If you come with me. The benefits you'll get will be unimaginable."

    His blatantly lecherous gaze was fixed unwaveringly straight upon Feng Jiu, his eyes shifting downwards bit by bit, lingering over Feng Jiu's body. That gaze was highly invasive and it was highly displeasing.

    Feng Jiu curled up her lips and looked at the almost drooling "Ghost Doctor", a chill glint passing over her eyes as a mesmerizing smile blossomed on that flawlessly handsome face and her demeanor seemingly a little bashful as she said: "Don't look at me with such eyes, I get impulsive very easily."

    The moment those words came out, the faces of everyone in the crowd were all stunned, staring in shock that the red clothed youth would act in such a manner, with that kind of a tone and such words in reply to the Ghost Doctor's words.

    Could..... Could the red clothed youth possibly mean the same thing?

    Meanwhile at that very same moment, inside a residential courtyard within the Six Path City, Shadow One was in a fluster as he came rushing in shouting: "My Lord! My Lord! Big trouble!"

    Grey Wolf stopped him and asked anxiously: "What happened? Didn't you go out to investigate into the Ghost Doctor's location? Why have you come back so soon?"

    "I did! That's why I'm saying there's big trouble!" Shadow One pushed him away as he asked: "Is the Lord in the room?"

    "Yup, he has not come out all this while."

    Grey Wolf replied, and could not help himself but to ask: "What really happened?"

    Shadow One did not reply but went on to shout at the tightly shut door: "My Lord! The Ghost Doctor's in trouble! Someone wants to kill him!"

    At almost the same moment his voice fell, the door was pulled open and the Hell's Lord in a full black robe appeared before the two men's eyes, a dominating aura emanating from his entire body.

    But seeing his dark and grim face, his gaze chillingly absorbing as it fell upon the figure of Shadow One, he asked: "What happened?"

    "As your subordinate was worried about my Lord, I specially went out to investigate into it and I was on my way back when I heard news that the Ghost Doctor had appeared at the Famed Cloud Loft together with the Six Path City's City Lord and something seemed to have happened at the Famed Cloud Loft."

    He cast a glance at the Hell's Lord and then continued to say: "A red clothed youth had killed the city's Liu Family's Third Elder and the Liu Family led a large group of men to surround the Famed Cloud Loft completely, saying that they want to slaughter the red clothed youth. According to what the common citizens had described, your subordinate is guessing that the red clothed youth should be the Ghost Doctor!"

    "What? Slaughter the Ghost Doctor?"

    Grey Wolf cried out in surprise when he saw the shade on the Lord's face change and in the very next instant, the Lord had leapt away, out from the place.
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