253 A Gory Scene

    *Translator Note: the title says it! Gore in this chapter. Avoid this chapter if you are averse to such literature~

    The two men suddenly realized what had happened and they immediately snapped back to their senses to speed off to catch up!

    Slaughter the Ghost Doctor? This Family Head Liu was being just too bold. Isn't he afraid their Lord will annihilate his entire clan?

    Because the speed their Lord had moved at had been extremely fast, there was no sign of him in just a blink. Hence, Grey Wolf opened his mouth to ask: "Shadow One, why had the Ghost Doctor gone running to the Famed Cloud Loft? Did you find out what happened between him and our Lord?"

    "Why he went to the Famed Cloud Loft, I do not know. I only know that that kid, the Ghost Doctor is really just too bold and audacious. He actually dug a huge haul out of the Lord and then gave him the slip. I am guessing that the Lord's identity has been discovered by the kid."

    "What? Dug a huge haul out of our Lord?"

    Grey Wolf exclaimed in shock: "Little wonder the Lord's face almost stank to high Heavens! So he was scammed by the Ghost Doctor?"

    Shadow One lamented in similar surprise: "That's right! I can't help but take my hat off to that kid. He is the only person who is still able to live to hop around everywhere after having taken advantage of the Lord so many times. I really don't know from where this strange marvel really popped out from, but his ability to survive is truly strong."

    Just as the Hell's Lord, Shadow One and Grey Wolf were rushing towards the Famed Cloud Loft, right before the main doors of the Famed Cloud Loft, the atmosphere was growing heavy and seemingly starting to congeal.

    The faces of everyone there had turned an ugly shade from hearing the red clothed youth's bashful reply and demeanor when he uttered those highly suggestive and shameless words. Of course, with the exception of one single person.

    The mask wearing "Ghost Doctor" had become highly excited from Feng Jiu's words and when he saw the devilishly alluring smile blossoming from the ends of the youth's mouth upon that flawlessly handsome countenance, he unconsciously strode over to come right in front of the youth, his unwavering gaze filled with pure and blatant sinister excitement as he looked at the youth.

    The youth's enchanting mannerisms made his heart thump wild and hot, a warm surge rising up in his chest and he could not stop himself from reaching his hand out towards the youth's hip in an embrace. " Since you are willing..... ARRRGH!"

    He had not even finished his words when rising up in its place was a sudden and pitiful howl. The sound was high pitched and shrill, which tore right through the tranquility in the air, shattering the silence, reaching the ears of everyone there loud and clear, which also awoken the stunned crowd with a shock!




    Cries and surprise and shock immediately erupted all around, the situation turning slightly chaotic, with some of them even clasped their hands to their mouths as they shook and shivered.

    Everyone was staring at that vicious and bloodthirsty scene as blood dripped, a chill running through them that caused them to retreat back a few steps, struck with terror as they stared in fear at the devilish youth with a mesmerizingly sinister expression on his face.

    "I told you not to look at me with that kind of eyes or I might become rash easily but you do not believe me."

    The handsome youth who stood facing into the wind had an highly alluring but chillingly cold demeanor, a bloodthirsty murderous aura emanating from his body. However, the words he spoke sounded so helplessly and naively innocent.

    But what terrified everyone so completely at that moment was not the murderous aura coming out from his body, but was due to his finger that was dripping with blood.....

    Everyone's eyes had been fixed upon the red clothed youth and the Ghost Doctor all this time. Hence, they had also seen the red clothed youth swipe off the Ghost Doctor's mask before he went straight on to dig out the Ghost Doctor's eyes completely and threw them onto the ground.....

    He..... He actually dug out the Ghost Doctor's eyes!

    The vicious and utterly merciless move and the fact that it had happened so suddenly that no one could even stop him in time made everyone tremble and shake as they were made to witness such a gory and cruel scene that happened right before their eyes.....

    "ARRGH..... My eyes..... my eyes..... I will kill you! I will kill you!"

    The "Ghost Doctor" had his hand clasped over his eyes that were just flowing with blood as he screamed, and when he put his hand down, people were unable to help themselves but started retching.....
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