254 Watching from the Shadows

    All that everyone saw, upon that face dripping with blood, were two terrifyingly gory holes, without its mask to cover it. The maniacal expression on his face fell into everyone's eyes, and with those two blood spewing holes staring vacantly, it made everyone unable to help themselves but tremble.

    Fortunately this had happened in the day. If it had been at night, it would have scared people to death.

    He was lunging all around maniacally, and it was not known from where he had pulled out a dagger from as he waved it around him in madness, the sharp whistle of the pointed edge whizzing through the air stinging the people's ears.

    No one surrounding the place moved a muscle, without a single person stepping forward, hopelessly stunned into paralysed shock by the scene, terror struck by the youth's vicious ways.

    That was the Ghost Doctor! The Ghost Doctor whose fame had recently soared high into the skies! And..... And that kid had actually dug out both the Ghost Doctor's eyes!

    That scenario was something nobody could have expected to see. And the Ghost Doctor who had lost his pair of eyes was now blind. Regardless how skilled he was at concocting medicine, all that was now all in vain.....

    "I'll kill you! Kill you! Kill you....."

    He waved his dagger haphazardly everywhere, but was suddenly kicked to fall onto the ground by Feng Jiu.



    Smashed onto the ground, he cried out in pain, howling pitifully but no one went forward to prop him up or offer any help. Because everyone knew at that moment, that even if he was the Ghost Doctor, he had become completely worthless.

    Just as he was screaming like a lunatic as he attempted to climb to his feet, a foot stepped down upon his back, pushing him back to squirm on the ground.

    "Aren't you the Ghost Doctor? What? That's all you have?"

    The light sounding voice was tinged with a chill as it came out from her mouth. With just one foot, she was able to make the person on the ground unable to get up.

    "AHH! ARRRGH!"

    He struggled, and he screamed, but the darkness before him and the frantic panic from being helpless to change anything caused him to fall right into lunacy, as he summoned up all the spirit energy within his body, with the intention to implode his body to drag Feng Jiu down together with him in death.

    But when the spirit energy upon his body surged, Feng Jiu detected that something was not right and she had immediately pushed her mystical power out from one hand to lift the person upon the ground into the air with a mighty fling. Just as he was flung high up into the air, an explosive bang rang out, accompanied by a falling scatter of gruesome flesh and blood.....

    And hidden within the dark shadows, was Grey Wolf and Shadow One who had arrived at the scene for a while who found themselves taking a big gulp, their faces showing nothing but shock.

    [Oh my mother!]

    [Never thought that the Ghost Doctor would be so brutal. When he lashes out he really doesn't hold back at all does he?]

    Seeing the fake Ghost Doctor having his eyes dug out and dying by self induced bodily implosion, Grey Wolf patted himself over his wildly thumping heart as he thought to himself: [The Ghost Doctor had been merciful to him back then. If the kid had wanted to be vicious, he might have already met with the same fate this fake Ghost Doctor had just fallen into.]

    At that moment, he was feeling truly fortunate that he had not continued to antagonize the kid. Otherwise, he would not have been weakened for just a few days back then, but might very well have been completely sliced!

    And Shadow One was instead looking worriedly at his Lord who was similarly hiding on one side like them. He thought to himself: [The Ghost Doctor possessed such great skill and his ways were just so brutal and vicious. If the Lord and the kid really comes to be together, it might not be all that safe at all!]

    [Moreover, with the Ghost Doctor so prone to such violence, how could the Lord be able to suppress him? From the way things looked, the Lord could very possibly become the one below.]

    As those thoughts went through his mind, Shadow One glanced over at the Hell's Lord and asked in a suppressed whisper: "My Lord, we're really not going to show ourselves?" [Just hiding themselves here, was it really a good idea?]

    "See how things play out first."

    The Hell's Lord's deep unfathomable gaze fell upon that flamboyant and mesmerizing red figure. It might be because this was the first time he was seeing that side of her, and hence, he wanted to gain a better understanding of the her he did not know about.
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