474 Self-destruction

    It was as if all the parties involved had received the news. All the stores on both sides of the street, even the stalls on the roadside, closed their doors once the day turned dark. With the advent of the night, nobody stayed outside. Cloudy Moon City was filled with a strange silence and a heavy atmosphere.

    Until the main street was surrounded by an army squadron. The squadron of soldiers were marching towards the Feng Residence. Their chaotic steps echoed loud and clear in the night.

    All the parties and clans who heard the rumours sent out their people after the soldiers to check out the situation. The messengers came back, one by one, to pass on the news quickly.

    Sun Glory Country was in chaos! There was a big riot happening in the country!

    Cloudy Moon City would not be calm tonight. The city was doomed to be bathed in blood. People could already foresee who would be the winner and loser, they didn't have to watch the aftermath with their own eyes.

    Murong Bo's most outstanding son, the third prince, had left Cloudy Moon City. His destination was unknown. His other children had no achievements. In addition, the older generation of Murong royal family had gone into seclusion. Only Murong Bo was left alone. Now, people heard that he suffered from a strange disease. His cultivation fell apart and he turned old in the space of a few days. He was said to be a middle-aged man who looked like a withered old man.

    The Murong clan's line was already exhausted. Now he mobilized the whole Cloudy Moon City's forces to besiege the Feng Residence. According to the news, Murong Bo suspected that the Feng family was behind his illness. Therefore, he had to seize both Miss Feng and Feng Xiao who was still in a coma to surrender the antidote.

    But such a thing seemed so unfathomable in their ears.

    The Feng clan's loyalty was unparalleled in the whole Sun Glory Country. How could they poison Murong Bo? Even if this was true, Murong Bo must have done something to trigger this response. Otherwise, would the Feng clan have done something like that?

    Furthermore, Feng Xiao was still in a coma at the moment. Feng old patriarch was missing and his whereabouts unknown. There was only Miss Feng left. How could she possibly attack Murong Bo?

    Many people thought that Murong Bo became too suspicious of the Feng clan due to his grave illness. Otherwise, who would have mobilized the whole city's forces to besiege the Feng Residence, knowing that it had strong guards? Wasn't this self-destruction?

    People of various forces and clans went to the Feng Residence. They didn't intend to get mixed up. They only wanted to watch the scene and confirm their speculations.

    Unlike the situation outside, everything was business as usual at the Feng Residence. Feng Xiao was at closed-door cultivation while Feng Jiu presided over the Feng Residence. As soon as she heard the news, all corners of the Residence had been guarded tightly.

    This time, they didn't step outside, but getting ready for battle inside the Residence.

    Feng Jiu was wiping a dagger inside her courtyard. Leng Shuang and Leng Hua stood behind her. At this moment, a popping sound was heard from outside. The three people couldn't help smiling. Their eyes twinkled with laughter.

    "You can hear that indecent noise from very far away. I thought you two would hide in the room and not come out!" Feng Jiu looked up and her gaze was directed not on Hell's Lord, but on the two men behind him.

    "Ghost Doctor, my lady! You're good, so please spare us!" Gray Wolf said awkwardly. His legs were clamped together. He was holding in desperately, but his stomach kept growling and a loud resounding farting sound escaped.
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