260 Clan Absolved from Calamity

    He stared looking startled to see the bunch of them stamping angrily in approach. He did not know why the Cloud Devouring Beast did not come, but it was his father and several of the Clan Elders who came instead. What had actually happened to the Cloud Devouring Beast?

    When the crowd saw that the Cloud Devouring Beast that Family Head Liu summoned when he crushed the jade badge did not come, but it was the Liu Family's old patriarch and its several Elders who came instead, everyone could not help but be slightly surprised, falling into deep thought.

    The beastly roar heard earlier had clearly been from the Sacred Beast without a doubt. But after so long, the Cloud Devouring Beast was still nowhere to be seen. What was really happening here?

    "To the Young Master here, let this old man here offer his apologies to you. I plead for the Young Master to show mercy and spare my son's life."

    Old Patriarch Liu waved dismissively at the two guards supporting him and fell with a thud on his knees towards Feng Jiu.

    Once his actions were seen by the surrounding crowd of people, everyone's heart was rather taken aback, and the other Family Heads and the more senior people who witnessed that appeared thoughtful, because they knew that the old patriarch's actions was seeking to preserve the Liu Family Clan.

    Even till that moment, only Family Head Liu himself still had not come to his senses, not realizing that he had stubbed his toe onto a hard steel plate.

    The red clothed youth not only possessed strong powers and astounding battle prowess, but the might behind him must surely be even more terrifying. Pitting the Liu Family Clan against this youth, if they were able to get out of it lightly, Family Head Liu and the several Elders would lose their lives, if not, it could very well drag down the entire Liu Family to be buried together for what Family Head Liu had done today!

    "Young Master, I beg for your benevolence."

    The several elderly Clan Elders also fell to their knees without another word. They did not try to justify anything, nor did they argue who was in the wrong or right. They did not think to suppress with their greater number of men and did not try to seek justice for their men who had died. They only wanted to preserve the Liu Family, to protect their family clan.

    Along the way here, their guards had already related the series of events that happened to them and with their wealth of experience, they knew that the Liu Family had met with big trouble today. The slightest misstep in dealing with the issue might very well cause the entire Liu Family Clan to be buried in accompaniment for all of Family Head Liu's actions on this very day.

    And at that moment, they all discarded their haughtiness as Clan Elders, threw away the dignity accorded to elderly seniors, lowered themselves in posture, not for the sake of those who had died, but for the sake of people still alive.

    Silence descended upon the crowd, as everyone's eyes turned onto Feng Jiu.

    How will the red clothed youth react? Faced with such a scene, what would he do?

    And within the shadows, the Hell's Lord who had quietly slipped back here in return was also watching the scene, his deep gaze falling upon Feng Jiu. As long as she did not wish for the Liu Family to exist, then, he would make the Liu Family Clan disappear cleanly without a trace before tomorrow came!

    Feng Jiu narrowed her eyes to stare at them, her eyes thoughtful. She was a person who separated grudges and gratitude clearly and distinctly. If people treated her politely, she would not oppress them with her might. But against those who sought to have her life, she would never show them the slightest mercy.

    All the elderly men kneeling before her eyes, were sincere in demeanor, their eyes pleading as they looked at her, which caused her to be unable to make up her mind for a moment.

    The one who wanted to kill her was their Family Head, and as long as they did not mobilize the clan's might to come kill her, then she saw no need for her to annihilate their entire clan.

    And witnessing that scene, Family Head Liu finally realized what he had actually done, and he stood there stunned for a moment, as he gazed at his father and the bunch of elderly Clan Elders kneeling on the ground.

    It was at that moment that he realized that his reckless impulsiveness, his hasty execution orders given without a thought, had offended this red clothed youth from mysterious and unknown origins. Now, the family clan did not dare to resist, the City Lord was unwilling to lend a hand, and if he did not die, his entire family clan would have to pay the price for everything that he had done this day.....
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