261 Where’s the Ghost Doctor?

    "Just kill me! My clan must be absolved from calamity. Please show mercy and spare my Liu Family."

    Family Head Liu muttered as he relaxed his stance, showing that he was no longer going to resist, the murder and look of aggrievement fading from his eyes.

    With things having reached such a stage at that moment. He no longer had a choice. Since he was not capable enough to kill this red clothed youth, then the person to die would have to be him. Because if he did not die today and the clan was dragged into calamity, then at the end of his life, he would not be able to face the Liu Family's ancestors.

    "The black market's Chief Ke arrives!"

    A voice imbued with spirit powers suddenly shattered the silent and heavy atmosphere before the Famed Cloud Loft. At almost the same moment upon hearing of Chief Ke's arrival, everyone's eyes then reflexively turned to look towards the red clothed youth.

    The black market's Chief Ke! The black market's influence spreads throughout the entire country, and they are one power that backed the Ghost Doctor! They must have come here because they heard about what happened to the Ghost Doctor. But..... but the Ghost Doctor was clearly dead as everyone could see and killed so brutally at that. If the people from the black market comes to know this, what will they do?

    Everyone including the City Lord immediately thought of that. Family Head Liu whose eyes had already grown dim quickly realized that as well. His face that had been filled with despair suddenly rose with a sliver of hope. He was thinking that if the black market's people could avenge the Ghost Doctor by killing this red clothed youth, then the Liu Family Clan would be saved!

    Everyone was growing restless and uneasy, with only Feng Liu calm and composed as before.

    She stared at Family Head Liu whose throat she had grasped in her grip and who had his head turned to look in the direction where the voice had sounded from before the ends of her mouth curled up: "What are you thinking? You think he can save you? Or are you thinking they will be able to kill me?"

    Family Head Liu stiffened up his lips as they trembled slightly. He looked at his father and the Clan Elders who were still kneeling on the ground before letting out a soft sigh and closed his eyes. "Just kill me off! Use my life to bring an end to all of this!"

    "Indeed, I can spare the Liu Family, but I will never let someone who tried to kill me go."

    Feng Jiu's soft voice fell and a murderous glint flashed in her eyes. The hand gripped around Family Head Liu's head tightened and a sharp crack sounded, the neck of the defenceless Family Head Liu snapped in two. Till death, he merely let out a muffled groan as he breathed his last.


    Feng Jiu released her grip, and Family Head Liu's body fell to the ground, falling right before the Liu's Family's people.

    When he saw that Family Head Liu was no longer breathing, old Patriarch Liu's eyes were startled as they showed an undisguisable sense of pain and helplessness. The mouths of the several Clan Elders moved, but they did not say a word, but to merely stare at the corpse before them and to let out a sigh.

    Who could they blame? Who could they hate? And who should they seek?

    For all this, they could only blame themselves, hate themselves, because, they sought all this trouble upon themselves, and because this was a world where power reigned.....

    The City Lord and the people in the crowd sighed to themselves. They hadn't thought this would happen, it was all so unexpected.....

    That Family Head Liu would die just like that. They had only seen what happened in the beginning but had never expected such an ending. They had initially thought that faced with the Liu Family Clan, the red clothed youth would be the one to die. But at that moment, nobody dared to look down upon the youth anymore, and none of them dared to act audaciously before him.

    And at that moment, the clear sound of steady and uniform steps reached them from afar, their marching in perfect unison causing everyone to raise their heads and look, to see a team of about fifty black robed guards approaching from down the street. Every single one of those fifty black robed guards had a chilling demeanor, a steady air around them, and just by looking at them, one knew they were all skilled pugilists who were carefully picked out.

    "Hahaha, where's the Ghost Doctor? Get the Ghost Doctor, tell him that I have come to pick him up to go back!"
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