262 It’s Actually the Ghost Doctor! ?

    Chief Ke came in striding with steady footsteps in the lead as he let out a great boisterous laugh. When he saw the scene before the Famed Cloud Loft, he was a little surprised.

    "Hmm? What is going on here? What happened?"

    Chief Ke's eyes swept fleetingly over the corpses on the ground, and then turned to look at the bunch of elderly men kneeling on the ground.

    However, it was silent all around, with no one answering his question, because they did not know how to put it in words. Were they supposed to tell him that the Ghost Doctor was dead, having died from having his eyes dug out and imploding his own body? And that the culprit that dug out the Ghost Doctor's eyes which led him to lose his life was still standing right there before everyone?

    Although that was the truth, and many people were witness to it, but at that very moment, no one dared to breathe a word of it.

    Because of that, the atmosphere grew heavy, and felt a little strange.

    "Eh? And this is....."

    Chief Ke's gaze fell upon the flamboyant youth dressed in a full suit of red. Seeing the youth made him unable to help himself but to think of the Ghost Doctor, because they looked extremely alike. Only that, this red clothed youth possessed outstanding looks. As he had never seen the Ghost Doctor's countenance, he did not know whether this person was the person he was seeking to find.

    [That is the youth that killed the Ghost Doctor!]

    These words, were what many of them wanted to shout out, but they did not have the guts.

    Until, that strange atmosphere was broken by a squeal of delight.

    "Master!" [Translator Note: changed it to "Master" instead of "Mistress" to not betray the gender in the current situation.]

    Dressed in full sturdy black, Leng Shuang came running out from the back of the team of guards. Although she was dressed in a full suit of black, but her figure was not bound up or disguised at that moment, her fine womanly figure of a lady was clearly evident.

    And hearing Leng Shuang's cry, Chief Ke was startled as he looked around and asked: "Where? Where is the Ghost Doctor?"

    The moment his voice fell, he felt a gust of wind rush past him, as Leng Shuang shot forward speedily to come right before the red clothed youth.

    "Master, how are you? Are you alright?" Leng Shuang asked, grabbing at Feng Jiu's arm, looking her up and down worriedly. When she saw that Feng Jiu's clothes had been torn by small little cuts, her coldly beautiful face turned chilly.

    "Who? Who caused my Master to become like this?"

    "Hahaha! So our brother Ghost Doctor is actually so handsome looking! This is the first time I am seeing your countenance. It's really quite a stunning surprise."

    After Chief Ke saw Leng Shuang going forward to identify the Ghost Doctor, he walked forward with a laugh and asked: "Brother Ghost Doctor, how have you been recently? We came rushing over immediately when we heard the news about you here in the Six Path City, only afraid that we would miss the chance to meet you."

    Everyone in the surrounding cloud were stunned by the scene unfolding before them. [Just what was happening?]

    [Ghost Doctor?]

    [Hasn't the Ghost Doctor been killed by this red clothed youth? Why is Chief Ke mistaking him to be the Ghost Doctor? And from where did that black robed woman sprout out from? Why is Chief Ke immediately greeting the red clothed youth with a smile after that woman jumped out to address him as Master? And calling him Brother Ghost Doctor at that! ?]

    At that moment, the expression on the City Lord's face had changed drastically, his forehead beaded with sweat, and even his lips were trembling slightly.

    [This..... This couldn't possibly be what he was thinking right? Could that..... that red clothed youth really be the real Ghost Doctor?]

    [Heavens! What kind of a stupid thing had he done! ?]

    When everyone that was crowded around saw that scene, every single one of them stared incredulously with their eyes wide, their faces filled with utter disbelief.

    [Ghost..... Ghost Doctor? That is the Ghost Doctor? That who in Heavens was the one that died just now?]

    "Chief Ke, you're looking well as ever."

    The corners of her lips lifted slightly, to reveal a faint smile. Just one statement, had confirmed her identity, and weakened the knees of everyone here, to fall sitting onto the ground.....
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