264 Visit In the Middle of the Nigh

    With their departure, it was silent right in front of the Famed Cloud Loft, without anyone speaking a single word for a long while, where everyone just exchanged glances with each other before they all dispersed in a hurry.....

    Meanwhile on the other side, having reached the courtyard the black market's branch had prepared, Feng Jiu changed out of her blood stained red clothes after a bath and came walking outside to the yard.

    "Mistress, I had people prepare something for you. Have something to eat first!"

    Leng Shuang looked at Feng Jiu who had her countenance restored and her heart filled up with joy that made her say: "If Old Grandmaster and the others were to know that Mistress' countenance has been restored, they will be so happy."

    "Although I was captured by people from the Hell's Palace, I gained quite a lot this trip." Feng Jiu said with a smile as she sat down at the table, her red clothes billowing out. She looked at the several dishes on the table which were all things she liked to eat and she could not help but turn to look at Leng Shuang, her eyes two smiling crescents.

    "Leng Shuang, it's just great with you around. Look, I don't even have to say anything and you already know what I would like to eat." She picked up her chopsticks and started eating as she continued to say: "Come sit down and eat together! I won't be able to finish everything myself anyway."

    "It's alright Mistress, I've already kept aside a portion in the kitchen." Leng Shuang replied as she came beside the table to scoop out a bowl of soup for Feng Jiu.

    "Oh right, what happened at the Medicine Grading Grand Meet after that?" Feng Jiu asked as she ate. She had not looked into it throughout this period and she wondered if the guild had won first place.

    "The black market got first place."

    As Leng Shuang spoke, she saw Feng Jiu who was eating suddenly pause and Leng Shuang continued to say: "But Mistress, over the period that you were abducted, your medicines were being auctioned for high prices out here and it was because of that that the Ghost Doctor's name could be said to have been heard in all the various major cities."

    "That must have been the work of that Hell's Lord and although I do not understand the reason for his actions, it does no harm to me at all." When she was reminded of the Hell's Lord at that moment, she immediately recalled about the Cloud Devouring Beast that Family Head Liu had summoned, which did not come.

    "Leng Shuang, when all of you were on the way to find me, did anyone see a Sacred Beast?"

    Leng Shuang thought about it a moment before she shook her head. "We didn't. But we did hear a roar. We were already in the city at that time."

    "Oh, so that's what it is!" Feng Jiu nodded her head, thinking that the Sacred Beast would not have failed to appear for no reason. And for that Hell's Lord, he has his eyes and ears placed within the Six Path City and it was not possible that he would not be aware of the incident in front of the Famed Cloud Loft when the matter blew up to garner so much attention.

    Maybe, her intuition at that moment had been right. He should have been nearby back then.

    But, what was he really trying to achieve? If he had wanted to capture her back, he had quite a number of chances to do that but he did not do anything. And about that Sacred Beast, she had clearly heard it roar but it did not even appear, so she had quickly guessed that it must have something to do with the Hell's Lord.

    Because too many things had happened that day, when night fell, Feng Jiu had already retired to bed long before. Leng Shuang had thought to stand guard in the yard but was ordered by Feng Jiu to go rest.

    As for Chief Ke, because the day's events had been rather strange, after he escorted Feng Jiu to the courtyard for her to rest, someone came in to relate to him about everything that had happened in front of the Famed Cloud Loft that day.

    After knowing the entire story, Chief Ke did not speak for a long while, finding it all just too incredible, and a little unbelievable that the Ghost Doctor could actually stand against an entire mid sized family clan with just his own strength alone, where he even achieved total victory.....

    The night gradually grew deeper, and it was silent within the courtyard. At that moment, a black figure traversed through the place like it was the backyard of his own house, treading upon the breeze as he leapt over the overhanging eaves of a house, to silently come inside a courtyard, leaping through a window, to enter into a room.....
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