483 The Phoenix Empire!

    Feng Jiu stepped forward slowly and came to her father's side. Her clear and resonant voice contained mystical energy, "From now on, my father, Feng Xiao, the head of the Feng clan, will take over Sun Glory Country and become the new Ruler of the kingdom! Sun Glory Country will transform into the Phoenix Empire! He will enter the Eastern Palace three days later!"

    Her voice echoes distinctly in the night and conveyed into the people's ears clearly. People's hearts were shaken while at the same time those soldiers and the commoners excitedly knelt down to pay respect.

    "We salute the Ruler! Long live the Ruler!"

    "We salute the princess! Long live the princess!"

    "The Phoenix Empire, peace and prosperity, throughout the ages..." The deafening cheers echoed all over the Cloudy Moon City for a long time.

    Those clans and forces watched with amazement. Their hearts were filled with emotion. Feng clan was the hearts and minds of the people. No one dared to offer a differing opinion about them taking charge of this country. Starting from tonight, Sun Glory Country had come to an end and the Phoenix Empire emerged!

    Feng Xiao could not seem to understand the scene in front of him. He looked at her daughter with astonishment. Why did he become the Ruler as soon as he came out? What's more, this Sun Glory Country would be transformed into the Phoenix Empire?

    Seeing her father's doubtful and astonished look, Feng Jiu smiled and said, "Father, don't you think it's the best thing for you to be the Ruler of the Phoenix Empire? The house cannot be without ownership even for a day. The country cannot last a day without the monarchy. Although this is a small ninth-grade country, once the news spread out from Cloudy Moon City, it will inevitably lead to other countries coming to plunder. Only when you become this country's Ruler, can you continue to protect the people and the land."

    "But...." He didn't want to become a Ruler, ah!

    "No more ifs or buts. I know that Father will be a good Ruler. Father has the ability to take charge and protect our country." She smiled, her eyes filled with radiance and vigour.

    "Father is now a powerful Martial Emperor rank. As far as I know, none of the Rulers of the ninth-grade small countries around has your level of cultivation. I think once the news comes out, they will know that Father has become the country's Ruler. They will only send gifts to congratulate. They must not dare to encroach the Phoenix Empire's territory!"

    "When Father is in charge for a period of time, you can participate in the country assessment. I believe that the Phoenix Empire's rank will rise again!"

    She spoke loudly, her eyes were scorchingly bright. "Father, this Phoenix Empire is our family's. Let's protect it well together! Make it strong!"

    Perhaps influenced by her words, perhaps attracted by the future she conceived, Feng Xiao's sharp eyes burst out with light. He murmured, "Good! Let's protect it well together! This is our home forever!"

    Luo Yu and the others were sent to the palace to deal with the aftermath. Feng Xiao left behind to organize all the soldiers. As he promised earlier, Murong Bo died and the rest of the Murong family were not investigated. However, they were expelled from Cloudy Moon City to settle down in other cities and towns.

    Feng Jiu did not take over the outside affairs. She handed them over and went to the Residence first. The matter tonight went smoother than she had expected. It was uncomplicated, without sacrificing any soldiers.

    Just as she stepped into her courtyard, she saw the man sitting inside the courtyard and raised her eyebrows slightly.
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