484 I quit drinking recently

    "You handled things beautifully." Hell's Lord poured a glass of wine and looked at her.

    Feng Jiu went in and sat down at the table. "It's already late in the evening. Aren't you going back to rest?"

    "Didn't this Lord tell you? I'm waiting until you're back for a drink." He raised his glass, and a teasing smile appeared on his lips. "This Lord took care of the wine."

    She curled her mouth and laughed embarrassedly, "No need, I quit drinking recently." Stop joking, did she want it repeated? Drinking with this man was especially dangerous.

    "Scared?" He lifted his eyebrows, which was unexpected.

    "Hey, Hell's Lord, I'm really tired tonight. Shall we talk another time? You see, my father has just taken over the country and he has a lot of things to deal with. I'm going to be very busy helping him with some things these days, so you see..."

    Hell's Lord looked askance at her and spoke in a low, magnetic voice. "Now that the crisis in the Feng Residence is over, shouldn't you deal with our matters?"

    "Ah? What's the matter with us?" She asked, pretending to be clueless.

    "Your father is very satisfied with all aspects of this Lord." Speaking of this, he was very proud because he effortlessly settled the future father-in-law. As long as she nodded at the moment, this matter will become settled. But it is not easy to get this woman to agree!

    "Oh, yeah? It's good that he's satisfied. But you are a great benefactor of our Feng clan. Even if we are not satisfied with you, can we still look at you unfavourably?" She smiled awkwardly. She did not want to talk any more, so she got up automatically.

    "I'm a bit sleepy tonight. I'll go to bed and get up early tomorrow. Mm, that's all." She waved her hand and walked two steps. Then she heard the deep, sexy magnetic voice behind her. When she heard his shameless words, she tripped and nearly fell.

    "Do you need this Lord to warm your bed? This Lord is very good at it."

    He looked at her fleeing the room without looking back with a good mood. She slammed the door with a bang. Seeing this, his lips curled into a smile.

    Although there was still a distance between them, the unusual feeling of this distance also made him feel delighted.

    He thought of Gray Wolf's advice to pester the girl. This trick was somewhat useful, but it seemed that it was not enough to deal with her. Should he use male charms to attract her?

    His deep dark eyes leapt, showing his eagerness to give this a try. He suddenly felt that this idea was very good.

    Inside her room, Feng Jiu poured a glass of water and drank it. Her eyes were spinning and her eyebrows were slightly knitted. It was impossible to go on like this! She had to find a way to get this Hell's Lord away. But, what could she do to get rid of him?

    After drinking a glass of water, she did not go to bed to rest but entered the space...

    In the following days, the news of Murong Bo's fall, as well as the change of Sun Glory Country to the Phoenix Empire, spread out everywhere. Feng Xiao, the Feng clan's head became the first emperor of the Phoenix Empire. He was also a Martial Emperor rank. The news spread out from Cloudy Moon City to every town and even to other surrounding ninth-grade countries. One thing after another shocked the rulers of those small countries...
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