267 Gifting

    "Heh heh, I did not say that."

    She smiled sheepishly. Seeing his face darken, and a glint of embarrassment in his eyes, she then said quickly: "Get up quick. It really wouldn't look good for people to see two grown men in such a position!"

    Hearing that, the Hell's Lord almost burst wanted to burst out laughing from anger but he instead pulled out an item from space and stuffed it right into her arms as he turned around with his face dark to leave.

    Feng Jiu was startled and before she could react, her hands felt something small and furry which made her lower her head to look. Her eyes lit up helplessly as she exclaimed: "Wah! Where did this little puppy come from! ? It's beautiful!"

    The little white fluffy thing was plumb, like a meatball, its snow white fur fluffed up as it stared at her with its dark blue eyes. That little thing just made Feng Jiu unable to resist carrying it up to ruffle its fur.

    "Little puppy!"

    She called out in delight, suddenly remembering about the Hell's Lord who had just turned around to walk away. She raised her head up to look and saw that there was already no sign of him anywhere.

    "I wouldn't have thought that he would give me a little puppy as a present to be my pet." Feng Jiu muttered to herself not really all that concerned about him but instead ruffled the little puppy's fur as she said with her eyes narrowed: "There's already Old White. Should I then call you Little White?"

    The moment her voice fell, she seemed to have recalled something as she said: "Little White might not do afterall. Old White's previous owner was called Little White!"

    "Hmm, I think I'll call you Ball Ball." She patted its little head and said, deciding the little puppy's name.

    And carrying Ball Ball in her arms, Feng Jiu did not see that the dark blue eyes of the little creature in her arms were filled with rage but it did not dare to do anything to her but remain an obedient little "puppy".

    The next day, when Leng Shuang saw her Mistress carrying a meatball when she came out of her room, she was slightly surprised but she did not ask Feng Jiu anything about it but just said: "Mistress, breakfast has already been prepared."

    In the Main Hall

    "Hahaha. My Brother Ghost Doctor, you here at last. Come come come, sit."

    Chief Ke had some small snacks served up and after Feng Jiu was seated, he then said: "Our black market must really thank you this time. If not for you, we will not have been able to get first position. But what made me feel really bad was that the people from the Hell's Palace managed to abduct our Brother Ghost Doctor that must have startled you."

    When his voice dropped, he smiled as he looked at Feng Jiu and continued on to say: "I had a great gift especially prepared just to thank our Brother Ghost Doctor." He clapped his hands together, and two guards came walking out carrying a tray.

    Feng Jiu turned to look, and saw that the tray was covered with a red cloth which made it impossible to see what it was. She did not say anything but the corners of her lips toyed with a smile a she watched quietly.

    Chief Ke went up to uncover the red cloth and said smilingly to Feng Jiu: "This is the deep sea Red Jade Coral, the rarest grade among corals. It can be put out to be admired and also has a calming effect that soothes a person's nerves. Moreover, this Red Jade Coral has abundant spirit power and just placing it in one's bedroom or the place one cultivates at would assist in raising one's cultivated power."

    "Pleasing to both the eye and one's heart. A great gift indeed." Feng Jiu nodded, her gaze resting upon the eye catching and beautiful red coral a moment before she shifted her eyes onto the second item.

    "Woo hoo, as for this second item, it's the Heavenly Silkworm Snow Cloak, something I found specially for my brother here." He lifted the red cloth, to reveal a silvery white garment that seemed like soft armour.
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